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An Unknown Need

Runtime: 44:17 | Added: 09/15/2019 | Featuring: Bunny Colby, Serene Siren

Categories: College, Dude Alert, MILF, Older/Younger, Taboo, Tribadism

Video Description:

I wake up to a woman laughing. It was just last year when my mother passed away, not even enough time for the grass to grow over her grave and my dad is already dating another woman. I hear a song playing, it's my mother's favorite song, and I hear the woman laugh again-- she sounds so familiar. I get out of bed and I open the door, the music is louder, the scent of my mother's favorite recipe wafts through the air. I pass by the coat rack and see her favorite scarf, pink silk, still fresh with her perfume. I see her sitting, her famous thick blonde hair, her petite frame. How is she here? I must be dreaming. I hear the sound of my father talking, and I reach out and touch my mother's hair, she turns around my heart sinks. I feel as if I've been knocked on my ass, out of my warm and comfortable dream, the idea that my mother could still be alive. The woman is an imposter, she smiles, she is beautiful, but she is not my mother. But there is something about her, she's so similar to my mother, I can't hate her. There's something that keeps me lingering by her door, something that beckons me to be so bold as to open it. I want to be by her. I want her to hold me. I want her to kiss me. I want to feel comforted. I want her to be mine.



The dialogue during their sex scene makes this video special. The fact that the daughter either had a taboo relationship with her late mother or fantasized about it makes this scene even more erotic. The fact the the older woman in the scene seems to find the idea of a mother and daughter having sexual relations really turns her on. She is completely willing to join the girl in any depravity for the pleasure it brings her.


Bunny and Serene are amazing! The tender naughty mommy-daughter play and talk is incredibly hot. Thanks for another lesbian erotica jewel.


Whitney that was INCREDIBLE! Bunny Colby is a new favorite, and if her squeaks were driving me that crazy, then I can imagine what it was doing to serene! The mommy talk was out of this world! WOW! I hope Bunny is scheduled for many more!


Thank you for all the kind words about this scene, Bunny, and Serene, everyone! They were all so great. SidewalkEnforcer- it made more sense when I wrote it out, but maybe it didn't come across how I intended it to. I meant for Bunny's voiceover to play as a walkthrough of her thoughts. So the music playing in the dining room was her mother's favorite song, and then she smelt a perfume similar to her mother's, and she smelt her mother's favorite recipe being made in the kitchen. So she was more or less in a dream-like trance and almost thought that her mother was back with them.... But then Serene turned around and that all came to a halt. Haha. Bunny was so desperate for a mother figure in her life that she couldn't resist coming into her room and melting into her arms after dinner. That's at least how I wrote it. It's always up for interpretation though. :)


It's good. It's sad. I never know if I'm good with porn touching on serious issues like grieving, or did I interpret this wrong? Is this a happy story where Serene Siren is being possessed by Bunny Colby's mom? If that's not the case, can we do another story like this where that happens? I do love the dirty talk, she's not afraid to dive deep into my psyche, "oh, mommy."


When I discovered Allherluv I was so happy to have finally found a lesbian erotica website free of the "mommy's girl" syndrome that is plaguing all the American porn. So I'm so disappointed to note that the mommy's talk is entering Allherluv's scenes too... I'm so upset. And tired. Why have you given up looking for a more "adult" intelligent story lines? I used to love you so much Missa. Please don't disappoint me. Let's go back to a more original, bold, innovative stories and let to the others the dull monotony of the "fauxcest": there are so many website outside already doing this. Please, don't homologate.


After watching this shoot again I must say both women fantastic.... bunny just adorable and serene have never seen her so good....interesting how direction can change ones ability as to how they are seen in their roles...And that is why this site and Missax are the best there is


Very very Good


My goodness Whitney you are killing me with the dialogue in your films....after the first kiss the dialogue was so hot....i did not get a clear message that perhaps there was something going on with her mom?


Another winner, Whitney. Serene is amazing and I'm glad she joined the site. Never seen Bunny before, I really liked her. The story was quite good, I just wished Serene was a bit more reluctant until she gave in to her desires. Still, great stuff.

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