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New in Town pt. 1

Runtime: 36:06 | Added: 01/31/2022 | Featuring: Aiden Ashley, Freya Parker

Categories: College, Facesitting, Romance, Tribadism

Video Description:

An ambulance siren wails as Freya Parker walks along the road, sitting down wearily. Aiden Ashley approaches, and Freya looks up, asking: "Am I dreaming?". "How long have you been out in the sun for?", Aiden wonders. "Oh, my phone died", the young girl responds. "Bummer", Aiden declares. "Let me get you some water - I actually don't live too far from here", Aiden offers. Freya takes her hand and they walk off together.

At Aiden's home Freya sits on the living room couch, downing a glass of water. "Oh boy, were you thirsty", Aiden declares. "Yeah, I guess I got lost". "New to town?", Ashley asks. Freya nods Yes and wonders: "Do you live here?". "Yes and no, I mean, kind of embarrassing but my dad still pays my rent", Aiden says sheepishly.

"How old are you?", Freya asks. "I'm 23", Aiden says, and Freya responds: "Me too". "So what brings you to California?", Aiden inquires. "Is it that obvious I'm not from around here", Freya jokes. "I mean the starry-eyed look is kinda hard to miss", Aiden smiles. "I want to be an actor", Freya announces. "Are you any good?". "Well, I was the lead in my college theater department, and, oh -I starred in a local mattress commercial", Freya avers.

Ashley laughs: "Oh, whoa, you're basically a pro now. I actually know a couple of people -I could hook you up with some auditions, maybe get you a couple of meetings, I could point you in a better direction". "Why are you being so nice to me?", Freya wonders. Shrugging her shoulders, Aiden replies: "I mean, what goes around, comes around, right?". Freya nods Yes.

"Where are you planning on staying?", Aiden asks. "Um...I was just going to get a motel". Aiden counters: "No way, Jose. You could just stay here". "Um...excuse me?", Freya is surprised. "Yeah, I mean, you're just lucky I found you. Do you know how many people in this town would just eat up a little thing like you?", Aiden says. "I don't know if I could afford to stay here", Freya says. "It'll be free, just help me with some chores", Aiden offers. "Are you sure? You don't even know me", Freya notes. "I got a good feeling about you", Aiden asserts, and the girls exchange smiles.

Later on, Freya reports to her new friend about an audition: "Shakespeare, of course I know Shakespeare. I know him intimately." Aiden asks: "And then what?". "Then he asked me about my favorite play, and I hesitated. Then I said 'Matlock'", Freya jokes. "What's 'Matlock'", Aiden asks. "I'm not sure", Freya responds, and Aiden laughs. Freya lays on the bed facing Aiden. "So do you think I got it?", Freya asks. "I don't think you have a chance in Hell", Aiden jokes.

"I thought you'd be more supportive", Freya says. "I am so supportive - I've just got to keep that enormous ego of yours in check. big Miss Mattress Commercial Girl", Aiden jokes. "You know, if I do get it I'll have to leave -three months on location", Freya notes. "I know, and I'll definitely miss you, but I'll still be proud and happy for you", Aiden enthuses. "You know, all of this TV and movies makes all these auditions and chasing jobs seem so painful. I never had so much fun in my life, though", Freya says, looking into Aiden's eyes. "No, you definitely have the right attitude", Aiden says.

"Maybe, you know I couldn't do it without you, though. I would be worried about paying the rent or what I could be doing, but you're my guardian angel", Freya asserts. "And you are my little miracle", Aiden purrs. "Destiny brought us together", Freya says. "It did, you think so?", Aiden agrees. "I know it sounds crazy but I think I love you", Freya says. "You do?". "Yeah, I know it sounds crazy", Freya reiterates.

"Well, it's not crazy. I feel the same", Aiden agrees. They kiss, and Freya says: "I never...". "Me either, at least not with a girl", Aiden allows. "Is this okay?". Aiden asks: "I trust you -do you trust me?". Freya nods Yes, and they kiss again. Watch the romance unfold...

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