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Brianne's Journey pt. 1

Runtime: 37:36 | Added: 08/10/2020 | Featuring: Brianne Blu, Mona Wales, Penny Pax

Categories: Masturbation, MILF, Older/Younger, Romance, Taboo, Tribadism

Video Description:

It's hard for a young nineteen year old girl to learn that she's a lesbian, but it's even harder when you learn that you're attracted to your own stepmother.  Penny Pax came into my life when my real mother left, and I accepted and loved Penny immediately.  When my father divorced Penny, I was given the choice to stay with her or to come away with him.  I chose her.  I know I will always choose her.  The problem is that Penny is a good woman, she knows it's wrong to be intimate with her own stepdaughter, even IF she had feelings for me.  I don't know that she has feelings for me, and after years of heart wrenching lust for her, I decided to pursue another woman.. and that woman is my teacher, Mrs. Mona Wales.

  I wish I could tell you that I made sweet, sweet love with Mona Wales, but it didn't quite work out that way.  I came home crying, and when Penny came after me, I slammed the door in her face.  I was devastated.  I couldn't tell a soul how I was rejected.  I felt badly about slamming the door, screaming at my dear mother to "go away."  That night I came out of my room and into the living room to watch a movie with her.  I meant to just watch the movie innocently with her, to be near her would soothe the pain of Mrs. Wales' rejection.  I swear to you, dear reader, that I wanted to be a good girl, but the bad girl always finds her way out of me.  Watch the story unfold..



Great scene! I especially liked the little snippets talking about daddy.... Great pairing


CelticGoddess, I had the same problem streaming it. So then I watched it in download mode. It worked and was worth the effort. One of the many things that amazes me about Missa X is her ability to see things with fresh eyes. What would have been cut and dried porn on another site, feels real and vital with Missa X's writing and direction.


It will not play past 8 seconds. The video stops and then won't load for me to watch the clip...


Wow, what a scene!! A great great pairing this. Brianne looked especially gorgeous...her eyes, hair and makeup were sexy as hell. I loved the build up, especially the tv, sofa, popcorn bit, where Brianne is eying up Penny. This site is extremely good at filming tribbing this is another example. Fan-bloody-tastic!! Loved that it finished with a 'To be continued'!


Another great scene during this time of the porn shutdown. I see there's a Brianne/ Alex Coal scene on the way that should be another EPIC!!!! I would be great if that scene and any other scenes would be fast tracked during this time of the porn wasteland.This is needed for all All her luv junkies like me.


Great scene! Can we have more mother daughter scenes?? Would love a scene like this: mother comes in to her daughter's room to clean and finds her diary. Curiosity gets the best of her and she starts to read it. Her daughter is clearly in lust with her, she reads that she wants to worship her mother, from her toes to her lips. As she's reading, the mother absent-mindedly begins slipping off her shoes, massaging her nylon clad feet, then her legs and slowly move her hand up to masturbate. Then the daughter comes home from school and catches her. Would love to see the daughter in a school girl outfit, mary jane shoes, and knee high nylons.


brianne and penny look close enough alike to believe they could be related. good scene.. more stepmom/daughter please.


Brianne Blu has a true innocence about her, and it is especially intriguing when you put her in the stepdaughter role where she is innocent, horny, and courageous enough to make a move. I had a girl, Jeanette, who reminded me a little bit of Brianne, although she was an Italian she had the same blue eyes. When I see Brianne, I can't help but think of Jean and all of our adventures together, and long to young and experience her all over again. I do not want to leave out Penny Pax, she's in my top 20 porn stars of all time. Penny is one of the best actors in porn. I couldn't get enough of Brianne and Penny on the small chair, I had to rewind and replay.. there is an undeniable chemistry chemistry between the two.


It's been many years since i've read any De Sade, but Brianne does seem to have that Justine vibe about her; the beautiful, irresistible innocent, who everyone wants to possess and corrupt. Please continue to feature her (of course her first choice partner should be Kenna - you're playing with napalm every time those two are partnered.) Incidentally, is that the same bathtub that Shyla & Alison Rey frolicked in, that Serena bathed in before being interrupted, etc - if so, well, it's certainly had an interesting life

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