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Can't Always Get What You Want

Runtime: 49:20 | Added: 01/08/2020 | Featuring: Evelyn Claire, Izzy Lush

Categories: College, Facesitting, Romance

Video Description:

Evelyn Claire's parents are out of town, and her father warns her not to touch his dream machine. He knows Evelyn has always had a curiosity about her Dad's unusual experiments. Evelyn has other things on her mind tonight, she readies her home for her mentor, Izzy Lush. She's trying to learn Spanish, but she's more interested in learning what sex is like with this intelligent, beautiful, mysterious woman. Izzy politely declines Evelyn's advances. Evelyn is heart broken, and in her grief she slides the dream machine out from under her father's bed. She closes her eyes and lets the dream machine work. She finds herself laying naked on a bed, and red rose petals fall from the sky and gently land on her naked porcelain skin. Izzy comes in the room, "I want you," she says silently with her eyes. Watch the dream unfold...



They gave a Oscar performance😍


Watched, enjoyed, and rewatched. I thought there was a lot to like here, including the deliberate pacing, realistic build-up with a dash of sci-fi, and the tenderness between Evelyn and Izzy was lovely. I must admit that I laughed out loud after Evelyn Claire speaks with her dad, assuring him she's not going to use his prototype augmented reality device. I kept envisioning him hanging up and saying to himself: "Yep. She is totally going to use it."


Please, more Evelyn Claire! The intro flowed seamlessly! Evelyn Claire's acting: language, movement and eye contact are wonderful! Whitney Wright's Direction and script is spot on! The obvious chemistry between Evelyn Claire and Izzy Lush shows through without need for words. I'd give this 8/10, and I'm a hard grader!


I really enjoyed this! amazing job whitney, and stunning performances <3


Beautiful scene. Evelyn has quickly become one of my favorites. My father is an electrician. He's made all sorts of gizmos and gadgets over the years. But nothing as cool as a Beta tested Immersive Augmented Reality Device.


Loved the build up of the story in this scene. Absolutrly spoilt rotten with Evelyn Claire, great to see her debut for AHL ❤️ Hopefully we get to see more of her on the site! She has to be one of the best actresses in the industry. I adore scenes like this, romantic, slow, sensual. The set was dressed up beautifully, everything just seemed to work together so well. Whitney Wright is an incredible director, what a talent she is. Excited to see what other projects she has in store for us this year, she absolutely killed it in 2019. Enjoyed to bloopers at the end of the scene too 😂 More 🙃 Evelyn 🙃 Claire 🙃 Please


This is romantic and sweet. Thanks!


Beautifully written and directed. I loved the "VR" filter on the sex, both the lightly desaturated blue and the tinkling on the edge of the sound mix: it heightened the theme of the title: what we were seeing was Evelyn's unfulfilled desire rather than anything she could have (or that we could share in, as the pervert audience). I'm a big fan of bold visual choices in porn anyway (I get so bored seeing the same thing over and over again), which is one reason I avidly follow Whitney Wright's directing career. Endless was my favorite porn movie (and maybe favorite movie period) in 2019, and she's only gotten better since.


I really liked this scene overall. I enjoyed the slow pace and romantic essence of it. I loved the American Beauty reference. If I’m being completely honest, I didn’t think the sex was that great. It wasn’t as passionate as it could’ve been.




Beautifully shot quiet movie with love and tenderness. Evelyn exceeded my hopes in her ability to convey that quiet longing into a real character we empathize with. She and Izzy are gorgeous. I love the long take where we follow Evelyn around with the basket as she picks up in anticipation. A bit nervous, a bit hopeful. Very sweet. The special lighting didn't bother me at all, and helped with the other-worldiness feeling. Figures the military is monopolizing that special tech, like they did with the whole internet for so long, but we at least know what it'll be good for once it comes.


Another fantastic romantic lesbian scene. Thank You guys, I have enjoyed it really a lot. Both girls are awesome and I'm putting Evelyn among the best performers of that new year. Hope see her more often on the girl/girl scene. I didn't like very much the "blue filter" during the "dream/VR" sequence. It seems to me that the blue light flattens the image, and the scene loses its "three-dimensionality".


Evelyn is moving up the GG rankings fast this is her forth scene this month and she displays solid GG skills a true triple talent also with solid acting chops.Liked the American Beauty rose petal style however not a fan of the blue light filter I found that a little distracting.When is the little round memory device going to be available to the public and at what price point?Once again Whitney has given us another lesbian tour de force quite a talent on both sides!!!!!

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