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The Bully ep.2

Runtime: 39:19 | Added: 10/13/2018 | Featuring: India Summer, Zoe Bloom

Categories: Cheerleader, MILF, Older/Younger, Taboo

Video Description:

Synopsis: Zoe Bloom looks to give a piece of her mind to Shyla's stepmother, India Summer, because she needs to know why Shyla bullies, and also, why Bridgette has never been the same since her visit. India is hardly cooperative, she's theatrical, her conversation is poetic. She manages to lead unassuming Zoe to her bedroom where little 18 year old Zoe is seduced.



Fantastic! Loved India Summers character. Off the wall sexy and ever so beautiful. Zoe Bloom was stunningly beautiful and mouthwatering. The Ladies complemented each other.


I loved this scene. I am a big India fan....been waiting patiently to be added to her Twitter...but I’m patient... I will wait my turn...I so enjoy her acting...she totally brings it....I stumbled on to her by some miracle....I now have a collection of her dvds ......just about every one she made...yep I love collecting her dvds...I also have her on my I pad with a collection there . Including her move Marriage two point O. And my all time favorite Torn ..her love scene with Steven is sexy...what a gal... I got it on line in German by funny...but was able to find for my I pad. In English ...I have watched it close to ten times...hehe. Oh by the way I loved Perfect fit...Jess


Missa...if you listen to the dialogue after the sex zoe says i still want to see shyla ...then we hear the door open and India says to zoe just lie here and catch your breath and i will go find her.....and that my dear would have been a incredible 3some had india brought her upstairs as we were led to believe ....but if was never planned please dont tease us like that....for me anyway this was one of the best shoots you ever did....luv your work


hey Missa...the way this ended i have been waiting for Shyla to come upstairs....will she be coming up? thanks


I think you want to know if there is going to be an Episode 5? This is just episode two and there is only a reference that Shyla is upstairs in this scene, however you might've saw that she's not the focus of the story in this episode. One of Shyla's devoted fans wants there to be an Episode 5, even wrote a script for a possible continuation of this story, but I'm undecided. The Bully series is still too new to see if it's a success or not.. and, personally, I'm ready to move on and film new story concepts with Shyla. Do you want the Bully series to continue? If yes, let me know. Thanks.


Great episode once again totally in love with this website.


So after having witnessed the original in this intriguing series I was a little disappointed that neither Shyla nor Bridgette were listed as performers but knowing the magnitude of talent that India possesses and the sheer stunning beauty of Zoe, not to mention the enormous amount of faith I have in Missa's creative power, I knew we were in for something special. To begin with, it was the gorgeous poetry of the writing and India's expertly administration of those words that brought unlimited joy to me, her character was so devilishly charming almost bordering on camp which caused me to have a rather goofy grin on my face from the time she opened the door till the heartwarming end. I was extremely excited to see Zoe, I have enjoyed her work on previous sites and was so looking forward to see her talents as an actress. Well she did not disappoint at all, she was absolutely brilliant, her character's juxtaposition was so naturally made tangible and real her line delivery was so honest, to the point of heartache. I am so pleased to see another gorgeous woman able to showcase her many gifts and talents that go so far beyond the mere act of coitus. Thank you again Missa for yet another in a long line of beautifully and lovely crafted erotica and I am looking forward to many more films featuring both of these beautiful and talented women in the future. Missa, I know I've said this before but it bares repeating, you have created the most erotic and honest Girl on Girl site on the planet, you are THE modern day Sappho, embrace it, you are beautiful:)


It's always a pleasure to see India again, though I'm still getting used to her blond hair. Still she is sexy as ever especially when she fully reveals her long limber body. Also it's great to see her in a comic part and she inhabits it with gusto. I am looking forward to see her in future scenes with Zoe Bloom.


Given the title, I was expecting India to show us the source of Shyla's bullying, it was surprising to me that after her flaky and silly opening, India turns into a tender seductress, and the hard shell of confidence and competence that Zoe projects falls away as India finds a weakness in her self-esteem--to exploit--but also to caringly, caressingly brush away. India has always been one of my favorites playing a variety of roles and always with a deep sexuality, but there's something else here. Where I was expecting her to turn hard and commanding, which she does so well, she's teasing and available and sweet. Zoe is incredible as first solid, then vulnerable, and then as teasingly creative and direct. Her earnest youth and India's seductive experience merge into a wonderful, hot scene. I love it! Zoe's smile is something else altogether. Standing, confronting India, she's obviously a beautiful and poised young woman, but when she opens up, with that smile, she's passionate and stunning!


This was truly one of the best G/G scenes i have ever seen once they got to the bedroom...India such a good actress as always but man i was so impressed with Zoey acting also...have never seen such a erotic nipple feasting as there was in this film on both girls...first India slowly teasing and making love to Zoeys gorgeous breasts....then the hunger in Zoey was so hot as she went after indias breasts.... and when India opened her legs and said you want to make me really happy? Zoe smiles and says yes.....sooooo good...........please keep both these girls around they are both outstanding !!!


Love this! More M/D role play.

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