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Free Time pt. 2

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42:13 | Added: 03/22/2022 | Featuring: Jessica Ryan, Laney Grey

Categories: Tribadism

Video Description:

Jessica Ryan is in the kitchen having a drink, and hesitates before answering her phone: "Hello...Thanks for the opportunity", and she hangs up. Her roommate Laney Grey enters the room and asks her: "Is everything okay?". "It's nothing", Jessica declares. "It doesn't look like nothing", Laney says. "It's nothing", Jessica reiterates, and starts to leave the room.

Jessica stops and turns around to face Laney, saying: "I work so fucking hard! I do everything right. I'm fucking perfect. I'm better than perfect. I meditate every day". Pacing around she stops and says: "I can't get this job to work, though". Laney comes over to her and says: "Look, I'm really sorry". "That's fine. I'll just have to try harder for next time", Jessica states. "You'll find something, okay? You deserve it", Laney reassures her.

"Thanks. Look, I've been a royal bitch lately", Jessica admits. "No, it's okay. Trust me, I'd be annoyed with me too if I was you", Laney says. "I'm not crazy, right?", Jessica asks. "No, we just have different outlooks", Laney replies. "You're totally serious about aspiring to nothing, aren't you?", Jessica asks. "Yeah, 100%", Laney says. "And you're happy?". "More or less, yeah", Laney replies. "You're relaxed?". "Yeah, I'm relaxed", Laney says. "Do you meditate?", Jennifer asks. "Fuck no", Laney answers with a smile.

"You are such a mystery", Jessica emphasizes. "I'm really not though. I'm not that complicated", Laney replies. "It is though. Everything that we do -everything tells us that we're supposed to hustle, and you're just -you say 'Fuck' to it all", Jessica asserts. "Why, you did sum it up quite nicely", Laney concludes. "Well, I just want to know what it's like to be you for a day", Jessica says. "That's it?", Laney asks. Jessica nods Yes. "Well, first step: back to bed. Come on", Laney says, leading Jessica to the bedroom.

"All right, hop in", Laney says, patting the bed for Jessica to join her there. Jessica sits next to her and asks: "Now what?". Laney says: "Nothing". "Nothing?", Jessica is incredulous. "Yeah, I mean you could look on your phone or sleep. I mean, we can talk if you want to, but it just can't be about anything important", Laney sums up. "And you do this all day?", Jessica wonders. "Yeah, my ex used to call me the bed witch", Laney recalls. "What does that even mean?", Jessica wonders. "I don't even know. I think she meant I'm just a little dinky witch and the bed is my kingdom", Laney jokes.

"So you're like magic?", Jessica asks. "Uh, hum". "I didn't know that you like girls", Jessica changes the subject. "Yeah, girls are just way more chill", Laney asserts. "So why'd you guys break up?", Jessica inquires. "I said no to important conversations during bedtime", Laney reminds. "Come on, I don't know anything about you", Jessica complains,. "Okay, well, she just got tired of doing nothing all day", Laney explains. "And you don't want to do anything about that?", Jessica asks. "No, not really. I mean I'm happy for her -there's no bad blood between us", Laney says.

"Don't take this the wrong way, but I just never imagined you being intimate with anybody. It's not that you're not pretty, just that you're..." Jessica says, and Laney interrupts: "I'm what?". "So chill", Jessica remarks. "Well, chill can be nice", Laney concedes. "It's just that every relationship I've ever had, it's always felt competitive", Jessica says. "That sucks", Laney responds. "You know, it's always pushed me to be a better person", Jessica contends. "Doesn't that ever get tiring?", Laney mocks. "I mean, I suppose so", Jessica answers.

Laney impulsively leans over and kisses her. "Sometimes we only want to be loved for who we are, not our potential", Laney waxes philosophically. "You're pretty and you're smart and you're actually really nice when you're not being a total judgmental bitch", Laney says. Jessica smiles and asks: "Do you really think so?". Laney nods, saying "I do". Jessica leans over and kisses her. Watch their romance unfold...

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