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New in Town pt. 2

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40:25 | Added: 02/21/2022 | Featuring: Freya Parker, Gizelle Blanco

Categories: College, Romance, Tribadism

Video Description:

Freya (Parker) and Aiden (Ashley) are in bed nude together when the phone rings. "Let it ring", Aiden says. "What if it's a job?", Freya wonders, and answers the call. "Hello...Thank you", she says. "What'd they say?", Aiden asks. "I got the job!", Freya exclaims. "Oh my gosh!", Aiden cries out and they hug and kiss.

Later, Freya arrives at a house, and sits down on the living room couch. Gizelle (Blanco) walks in and says: "You're Freya". "Yeah, Gizelle", Freya responds. "Yeah", Gizelle says and reaches out to shake hands, adding "Nice to meet you". "So this is the place", G says, looking around. "I's nice", F answers. Gizelle stands there with hands on hips, saying "Nicer than my place, for sure". "How long have you been acting for?", F inquires. "This is actually my first job", G admits. "Oh, me too", F agrees.

"Except for the one time I was in a local mattress commercial", F confesses. "For real? I was in a mom & pop hardware store commercial", G says. F laughs and says: "We're pros". "Totally -I guess the director's looking for some fresh faces. What do you think of the script so far?", G wonders. "It's nice, it's romantic. Have you seen any of his previous films?", F asks. "Some, I liked those, yeah", G responds. "Me too, he seems like a real artist", F claims.

"I don't know, hardware store commercial director sure had some Kubrick vibes", G jests. "Well, not every gig can be as prestigious as a hardware store commercial", F mocks. "For sure. Did the director ask you about Shakespeare at your audition?", G asks. "Oh my God! Yes, I almost died", F recalls. "Could you name one?", G asks. "Nope, I just made something up", F admits. "Me too", G says.

"Anyways, have you gotten a chance to check this place out yet?", G asks. "Uh, no", F answers. Gizelle reaches out and takes Freya's hand, saying "Come take a look". They arrive in the bedroom and F says: "I guess this is the only bedroom". "I guess", G agrees. "Maybe it's a part of the naturalism. We're supposed to be in love", F speculates. "It's a bit extreme", G claims. "Well, I don't mind sleeping on the couch, if you want to take turns", F offers. "I mean it's totally fine. It'll be like a sleepover", G suggests. "Yeah, it'll be a good opportunity for the two of us to get to know each other better", F says.

"Yeah, and we get to rehearse", G notes. "Nice bed. Comfy too", G says as the two of them sit on the edge of the bed. "Yes, we can use this as an opportunity to go over our lines, and rehearse them, I mean most of our scenes are together, so...", F agrees. "We're going to do so much acting the world is not ready. I'm so excited", G enthuses. "You remind me of my friend from high school", F says. "Was she pretty?", G asks. "The prettiest. She was also really funny", F recalls. "Wow, a double threat!", G concludes. "I'm not gonna lie. I kinda thought you'd be a bitch", F offers. "And I thought you'd be stuck up", G counters. "Crisis averted", F concludes. "Agreed", G says.

Later, Freya is pacing. "I'm kind of nervous", she says. "About what?", Gizelle asks. "You know", F says. "Our intimate scene, you mean", G says. F nods Yes. "It's just acting", G claims. "Yeah, but what if people can tell we're faking?", F asks. "Who says acting is fake?", G retorts. "You know what I mean", F says, as she sits on the bed. "Look, you like me, right?", G asks. "Yeah, I don't know where I'd be today without you", F admits. " me when I say everything will be okay", G reassures her.

"You're really beautiful, you know that?", Freya says. "Oh, you too", Gizelle agrees. "It feels like a dream", F says. "A perfect dream. Have you ever been with another girl?", G asks. "Yeah, but I'm no expert or anything", F contends. "I didn't accuse you of being an expert", G says. "It was amazing!", F exclaims. "Really?", G asks. "Yeah, she was so soft and gentle and she made sure I felt good and comfortable, and it was like we were sharing our own little wonderful secret", F recalls. "What about you?", F asks. G shakes her head and declares: "I kinda feel like an imposter a bit, because I've never even kissed a girl". "Well, you could have fooled me. You're a really good actress", F responds.

"We haven't even kissed yet", Gizelle says. Freya smiles, and leans over to kiss Gizelle. "Now we have. You're a good kisser", F says. "You too", G agrees. "Have you ever been attracted to girls?", F asks. "Uh hum, I thought all girls were", G says. "Maybe. I used to think -Wow! That girl is so beautiful I wish I could be her", F confesses. "Yeah, but where's the line between wanting to be someone and wanting to be with someone?", G wonders. "I don't know", F admits.

"I guess it's all about exploring, figuring things out", G says. "Are you nervous for tomorrow?", F asks. "Okay, don't laugh but...", G begins. F interrupts: "I won't". "I'm afraid the camera captures some terrible secret about me, that we're there doing our secret in front of all these lights and people, and in that moment I realize something about myself", G notes. "Something like what?", F wonders. "Like that I'm into girls", G admits.

"Would that be so scary?", F asks. "Okay, maybe scary's the wrong word, but more like a private moment, that's all. I must sound crazy", G says. "You don't sound crazy", F responds. "I thought I was for a second", G admits. They start kissing, and Gizelle breaks off, asking "Are you sure you want this?". "I want you", Freya insists. Watch the romance unfold...

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