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Futa Rx

Runtime: 32:26 | Added: 01/01/2020 | Featuring: Cadence Lux, Kenna James

Categories: College, Dude Alert, Futanari

Video Description:

Includes: Kenna James, Cadence Lux, Missa as the Psychiatrist, and futa creampie.

Kenna James, born a lesbian, is in love with her best friend, Cadence Lux. The problem is that Cadence is taken, and she's straight! Kenna pines over Cadence as the seasons melt into years, and she burns with jealousy when she's around Cadence's boyfriend. Kenna lays with her friend on the cold November ground waiting for the meteor shower. She wished on the falling stars to be the perfect woman for Cadence, to have the right equipment to turn her on, and just then her clit began to enlarge. Kenna's forehead began to sweat, her heartbeat began to race, she felt her clit pulsate, stretch, and form into something monstrous, a thick, long, beautiful cock. Kenna looked at Cadence with hungry eyes, tonight is the night, Cadence will be hers.



What dildo is used in these scenes?


When are the next futa episodes coming out on the channel? You guys are the only place I can find top-quality futa online and I'm desperately waiting for the next films!


Why is there so little futa content. That is the best you need more. I thought with me getting a membership I get more


Hi. Im new here.. Actually Im because of saw the tailer futa just join the member.. Its spent me a hundred dollar for a month.. And seriously on start, i feel dissapointed cause just 5 or 6 futa here.. Then now i saw other member comment.. Its make me... ... So please. Dont make me feel regret to join the member..


The membership is $100 for a year. Thank you for being a member! We will absolutely give you more futa, however, it is not as popular with most members. You will see this if you read the comments. We do love to film futa, the actors love it, and there are some fans like you, and YOUR VOICE MATTERS! I appreciate you and thank you for taking the time to comment.


This was the hottest futa scene yet




Loved it. Great acting. Love these futa scenes.


Missa, you gals and guys get an A for effort. Different strokes for different folks, literally and figuratively. I'm not really into futa but appreciate all your efforts to be fresh, creative, and high quality. I recognize I'm not going to love everything you produce, but I won't downvote anything unless I think the production fails to live up to the high standards that you've spoiled us with. And this does not, from the writing and directing to the acting and post-production. Thanks.


Great to see Missa take the reins on a scene again! Felt like a real throwback, in a good way, and these two actresses are always a welcome sight


I friggin' loved this scene personally, futa definitely does it for me.


I literally became a member of the site for Futa scenes, it was the only reason. Absolutely amazing.


I keep coming back and hoping the score is high enough for you to continue making these scenes. You understand this genre more than anyone has in the past, and if you would stop making these type of clips, it would be a dark day. Remember your fans who have been with you for years. I just re-upped for another year on, by the way. Please don't change, we need you and your work.


Not to my personal taste but I recognise that variety is the spice of life.Happy New year to you all and congratulations on a fabulous 2019.Keep up the good work.


Mel, that was effing amazing. More like this please! And it was great seeing you on screen again. :)


Kirk0518 same here


Very nice scene I hope to see more Futa scenes in the future.


I've been really looking forward to Cadence and Kenna together. I really wish this wasn't it. Nothing wrong with it, and not knocking the folks who like it, but it's not my thing. I'm not fond of toys or penis. I believe in the whole pay for your porn thing, but this makes me want to spend my money elsewhere.


First off that was the most gorgeous doctor and any scene with these two is going to be good..never been a futa fan but this was very well done... love the look Kenna has as she is drilling Cadence she has that mischievous look in her face that only she has....still i want to see more of the very attractive red head


Been waiting for a while for another futa scene I love the acting and tasteful editing.


I like the Futa movies here and there


I enjoy your creativity with futanari regardless of what the others may say. I think it's just penis envy and they can't see past that. You are an exceptional artist. Keep up the 👍 Great work.


Great scene Missa, Cadence and Kenna! The acting was probably some of the best that I've seen in the fetish, probably why I always look forward to seeing a Missa futa video appear out of the blue - it's always so incredibly well done! As a fan of the fetish thank you for continuing to work with it. <3


The last futa scene was over a year ago. There must be a lot of people like me who love futa otherwise Missa would not film them, she has made dozens of these films since she has been in the business. I have been a fan of Missa's since before this site was even born so I hope my opinion matters & I don't get why if you don't like it, you would try to get her to stop making futa scenes for those that actually do enjoy the fetish.


This was my first time watching a futa scene. I’m not really into this, but thought I should just give it a shot. I don’t mind strap-on scenes. However, Kenna “growing a penis” was a turn off for me. Ultimately, I think Cadence and Kenna were believable and passionate. This scene wasn’t necessarily bad rather just something I’m personally not interested in.


To futa or to not, that is the question.. I appreciate all of your comments. Prime_ writes, "even though there have been quite a few bad eggs lately." I watch when you guys down vote, but if there is no comment that tells me exactly what you disliked about the scene, I have to guess. I think if you knew how much time we spend guessing on why individuals dislike a certain scene, you would certainly throw us a bone and kindly tell us why, with emphasis on the "kind," please. :) We put all our love into our work, and we want to make you happy. MarioCaballero writes, "so I hope my opinion matters." YES, your opinion matters. I appreciate that you have been with me 5+ years ago. You're right, I have been making futa scenes for a long time because they do well, they're fun, and the actors love filming them. We have a lot of laughs and fun making these whimsical scenes, but in the end, the customers tell us what they want to produce. Thank you Ossie for your kind words, you're too kind. Thank you Hankie and RefusingFashion for taking the time to write. Thank you, Zazz! :)


What a fun and playful scene! You're all so beautiful and, well, fun and playful! I think we're all like Kenna in wanting to give Cadence a nice big orgasm, and Kenna as well! Nicely done, Missa!


I visit lesbian sites to AVOID all penis either natural or man made!!!!


I LOVE Cadence and Kenna but please stop forcing Futanari down our throats... I thought about unsubscribing but the work you’ve down in the past speaks for itself so I will remain a subscriber for now but I subscribe to this site for Girl/Girl. I personally don’t like toys and I hate this. I do love you guys though so I will stay loyal even though there have been quite a few bad eggs lately.


Welcome back Missa X. [mod edit] However nobody can match Missa X (in both porn and mainstream movies) in her superb cinematic skills, her evocative dialogue and handling of actors. I am not into futa, though I know some people are. It is just wonderful to see a movie master at work.


It's been long overdue since you had a futa scene, nice to see Missa making an appearance as a director again & also as an actress! Kenna James and Cadence Lux are incredible. It's a hot scene, good story, 10/10.

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