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Ignorance Isn't Bliss pt. 2

Runtime: 01:04:10 | Added: 04/07/2022 | Featuring: Aiden Ashley, Olive Glass, Rachael Cavalli

Categories: Homewrecker, MILF, Romance, Squirting, Tribadism

Video Description:

Rebecca (Olive Glass) and her wife Elise (Rachael Cavalli) are in bed together. "Good morning, darling. I'm so sorry about last night", Rebecca lies, referring to not taking up Elise's asking her to come home for a romantic dinner, when she in fact had a liaison with lover Katie (Lily Larimar) instead. "Elise, Ellie, are you awake?', Rebecca asks, kissing her on the cheek. "Nope. I'm sound asleep", Elise replies. Rebecca laughs and says: "Come here. I love you".

Elise frowns. "Don't be like that. I love you", Rebecca says. "I love you too", Elise concedes. "So how's the book coming along?", Rebecca asks "Fine". "Okay, what's wrong?", Rebecca asks. "You", Elise answers curtly. "You know we agreed our goal this year was to work very hard so we could start trying", Rebecca says. "I couldn't ever imagine bringing a kid into this mess", Elise asserts. "You think our relationship is a mess?", Rebecca asks. "Don't you?". "I don't think I've ever heard you be so cruel", Rebecca complains. "I'm sorry", Elise answers. "It's my fault. We just need to spend more time together. You with your book and me with the agency. We need a vacation", Rebecca suggests.

"Yeah", Elise says. "Somewhere I can imagine you with a pretty pink drink in your hand, and a flower behind your ear, and a pretty nice itzy bitzy bikini", Rebecca flirts. "I like that, but I don't know about the bikini", Elise comments as she kisses her neck. "You know I'm a one-piece girl", Elise jokes. They kiss and make love sensuously.

Later, Laura (Aiden Ashley) arrives and is greeted by Elise, who answers the door and says "Hi". "Raspberry caramel macchiato", Laura announces, handing the drink to Elise. "Oh you're so sweet -you remembered", Elise declares. "How many times have I heard you order that same drink", Laura says.

"So tell me, why did you want to meet me here instead of meeting me at the cafe?", Elise asks. "I just didn't want you to be angry with me. What I have to tell you -I just feel it's much better in private", Laura says. "Okay, go on", Elise says. "I found out something about Rebecca", Laura announces. "Now wait! I don't want to know", Elise interjects. "What do you mean?", Laura wonders. "Laura, I really appreciate you, but it was ridiculous of me to want to have my wife followed. I trust her and I love her", "Elise, please", Laura rejoinds. "No, Laura, seriously, like I'll pay you your detective rate. I'm not trying to take advantage of you at all. I just don't want to follow through with this", Elise says. "Elise, I have to tell you that Rebecca is...", Laura begins. Elise interrupts: "Stop Laura. I don't want to know. I don't want to hear any more about it. Listen Laura, it's the biggest betrayal by me texting you last night and I meant to call you today and call everything off, but I just don't want to go through with it". "You're the one who told me the second you're suspecting in a relationship, the relationship is over to begin with", Laura retorts. "That's half the notion, I mean, and in the other half it's perfectly normal to suspect, you know, when a relationship ages. Listen, I love Rebecca and I married her for better or for worse", Elise says. "You have no idea", Laura counters.

"I've got nothing done today, because I've just been looking for vacation destinations. What do you think -Cabo or Rome?", Elise says. "Rome or Cabo? For you and Rebecca?", Laura wonders. "Well, yeah. Whe else would I go on a romantic getaway with?", Elise asks. "Oh I don't know, suppose you take a friend", Laura answers. "Laura", Elise says. "Take me", Laura replies. "Honey, why don't you let me hook you up with a friend to go on a date?", Elise suggests. "Elise, you're too good for her", Laura insists.

"You're smart, beautiful, kind -I love you. I've always loved you. I've loved you since the moment I have met you. Just love me back. I swear I would treat you so good", Laura gushes. "Oh, Laura", Elise says. Laura impulsively kisses her. "Laura, we can't do this", Elise says. "Just let me show you", Laura counters. "Listen, I think I've just been giving you the wrong impression. I mean I know I have", Elise maintains. "No!", Laura cries.

"Yes you're sexy, sexy as hell, and I'm sure I've dreamed about you and I having sex multiple times, but I'm married", Elise declares. "Ignorance is not bliss, Elise", Laura emphasizes, as she shows her incriminating footage on her phone of Rebecca kissing lover Katie (Lily Larimar) in a parking garage. Elise covers the screen with her hand, saying: "I can't. I don't want to know". "You're going to stay with her, aren't you?", Laura asks. "Yes", Elise replies. "God damn. Nothing else I can say?", Laura asks. "All right", Laura gets up to leave. "Wait", Elise says. "Laura, make love to me", Elise pleads. Watch the furtive, sweaty sex scene unfold...

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