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Moving On pt. 1

Runtime: 34:43 | Added: 03/30/2022 | Featuring: Alex Coal, Anna Claire Clouds

Categories: Dude Alert, Romance

Video Description:

Alex (Coal) arrives at the home of Anna (Claire Clouds), with Anna greeting her: "What are you doing here? Are you mad? Are you alone?". "Can I come in?", Alex asks. Anna opens the door, admitting her. They sit down on the living room couch, and Anna announces: "I was worried that you were with Mike".

"That's why I'm here", Alex says. "What happened?", Anna asks. "I broke up with him", Alex replies. "How did he take it?", Anna asks. "How do you think?", Alex says. "Bad", Anna concludes. "Yeah", Alex agrees and picks up her ringing cell phone. Alex says: "He can't stop", exasperated. "Turn it off!", Anna demands. "Are you sure?", Alex asks, and Anna grabs the phone and turns it off, asking: "He doesn't know you're here, right?". "I don't think he knows about you", Alex says.

"Good", Anna replies. "I'm really sorry that I dragged you into this mess", Alex apologizes. "Don't be sorry", Anna says, and she hugs Alex. "I'm glad you came", Anna says. "Me too", Alex replies. "So what now?", Anna asks. "Move on, I guess", Alex says. "What does moving on look like?", Anna wonders. "Follow my dreams?", Alex speculates. "The movies?", Anna asks. "Is it crazy?, Alex ponders. "No way! You're so talented", Anna reassures her. "You think so?". "I know it. You're going to make the scariest fucking horror movie ever", Anna claims. Alex smiles and says: "Oh my God, too much pressure!". The girls hear the sound of a car and both scurry behind the couch.

Mike knocks loudly on the front door, and they hide around a corner. "Was that him?", Anna asks. "I don't know. Maybe he followed me", Alex whispers. "Do you think he's dangerous?", Anna asks. "I don't know", Alex says. "Maybe we should go to my room", Anna suggests. Alex nods yes, and Anna leads her out of the living room, saying "It's safer". Mike leaves, giving up for now.

"He's never gonna leave me alone", Alex despairs, looking out the glass sliding doors of Anna's bedroom. "Maybe we should call the police or something", Anna says. "It's not that simple", Alex replies. "I'm sure they'll help", Anna insists. "It's fucked up, but until he actually hurts me, they can't do anything. I've already tried", Alex points out. "Well then maybe you should just stay here for a bit", Anna suggests. "Anna, he knows you live here. It's not safe for you either, okay? He's gonna come back", Alex notes. "I can take care of myself", Anna asserts. "I just don't want anything to happen to you. You don't deserve it", Alex declares.

"So what did you tell him?", Anna asks. Alex sits down and says: "I told him I don't want to be with him anymore". "Did you tell him why?", Anna inquires. "Well, the first time I tried to break up with him, he just kept coming up with all these excuses, that he'd be nicer, he'd be better, and I didn't want that to happen this time, so I just told him the truth, that I'm not interested in men anymore", Alex says.

"Oh, so he doesn't think...", Anna begins, but Alex interrupts: "I don't know what he thinks. He accused me of cheating on him, but you know I would never do that to anybody, not even him". "I know babe, I know", Anna says, grasping Alex's hands. "We're going to get you out of this", Anna continues. "Why are you being so nice to me?", Alex wonders. "Um, because I like you", Anna says. Alex moves close to her and says: "I like you too". The girls lean forward and kiss.

Anna sits on Alex's lap as they continue to smooch. "That was great", Anna whispers. "Was that your first time with a girl?", Alex asks. Anna nods Yes, and they kiss some more. "Me, too", Alex says. "Wait, didn't you tell Mike that you like girls?", Anna asks."Yeah, I guess I always knew deep down, but when I met you...", Alex begins. Anna laughs and interrupts: "Did I turn you lesbian?". "You awakened that part of me", Alex asserts and they kiss again.

"I wish it were under better circumstances", Anna says. "Me, too", Alex agrees. They kiss, but Anna looks around, saying: "Do you think it's safe?". "I don't care", Alex insists, kissing Anna again, and they go to the bed. Watch the scene unfold..., with beautiful brunette Charly Summer to co-star in Part 2.

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