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Influence pt. 1

Runtime: 38:15 | Added: 05/15/2022 | Featuring: Alexia Anders, Lily Larimar

Categories: College, Facesitting, Masturbation, Romance, Tribadism

Video Description:

Kathy (Alexia Anders) is taking selfies outdoors when Lily (Larimar) approaches, also taking selfies with her phone. Kathy yells: "Hey! Hey you!", adding "Can you take a picture of me?" to Lily. "Uh, I...", Lily stammers. "Come on, direct me", requests Kathy. Lily agrees: "Okay".

"So how should I pose?", Kathy asks. "Maybe put your left foot out a little more", Lily suggests, as a body-builder type guy poses self-absorbed for his own selfies in the background. "Yeah", Kathy says, posing, and adds: "Cool". Lily moves toward Kathy and touches her to guide poses slightly, saying "Here wait...there". "Oh my gosh, you're a perfectionist", Kathy declares, looking at the photos of herself on Lily's phone.

"Are you from here?", Kathy asks. "No, I'm just visiting", Lily replies. "Oh, are you traveling with any family?", Kathy asks. "No, just on my own. I've always wanted to go to Hollywood", Lily declares. "Oh well, Hollywood's like a long way from here. "There's like hardly any stars, like you're not going to find any here", Kathy asserts. "I met you, didn't I?", Lily flirts. "You know I really like you. You know how to take really good pictures and you know exactly what to say", Kathy says. They both laugh.

"Are you sure we don't know each other?", Kathy asks. "No, how could we? I've only been here a few days and I don't know anyone", Lily claims. "Okay, well, why don't you come over for dinner, and, I'm assuming you don't have any plans, if that's okay", Kathy asks. "Yeah, I'd love to", Lily agrees. "Great, okay, come over around 5?", Kathy requests. "It's a date", says Lily. "Oh my God! I'm Kathy, by the way", Kathy says. "I'm Lily", Lily responds, and they shake hands. "So nice to meet you", Kathy says. Lily answers the same: "So nice to meet you". "All right, well why don't you put something else on and we can take some pictures", Kathy suggests. "Okay, bye", Lily says. Kathy says: "Bye" and walks away. Lily leaves too.

Later, Lily is now wearing a blue dress, sitting on the curb looking at her phone, and saying (to no one in particular): "Maybe you just have one of those faces". She gets up and goes indoors. She's sitting on the couch when Kathy comes in the living room carrying two glasses of water (with lemons), announcing "Some water". Lily says "Thank you". "So what do you do for a living?", Kathy asks. "Nothing really. I have some money set aside", Lily claims. "I'm so jealous. I really wish I didn't have to work", Kathy says. "What do you do?", Lily inquires. "Um, I'm sort of what you call an influencer, but I really don't like that term, you know", Kathy insists.

Lily nods Yes. "Yeah, I'm trying to get into life coaching, and hopefully I'll put out my lip gloss brand some day", Kathy states. "Do you live here by yourself?", Lily asks. "I do. It's really big and gets lonely", Kathy says. "So you used to live here with someone?", Lily asks. "My ex, but we actually broke up a month ago", Kathy admits. "I like it though. It's nice", Lily says. "Yeah, are you sure we don't know each other from somewhere?", Kathy asks. Lily shakes her head, then says: "I just have one of those faces". "You're like really pretty. It's just you don't really know how to dress for your figure", Kathy claims.

"No one's ever called me pretty before", Lily smiles. "I don't believe you for a second", Kathy says. "Really, I don't get out much. I spent the last few years taking care of my aunt", Lily states. "What happened to her?", Kathy wonders. "She died", Lily replies. "I'm sorry to hear that", Kathy sympathizes. "She left a bit of money", Lily reveals. "Oh", Kathy says. "It's okay -it's better this way. I got to meet you after all", Lily sums up. "That''s very sweet", Kathy smiles. There's a lull in the conversation, then Kathy asls: "Do you -do you want a hug?".Lily nods Yes, and Kathy reaches out to embrace her.

"You even smell good", Lily says. "You do too. I think we have the same perfume actually", Kathy says suspiciously. "We do?", Lily replies. "You know, I know it sounds really crazy, but I feel like we know each other, like we've met before", Kathy reiterates. "Yeah, I feel it too. It just feels right", Lily agrees. "Maybe I've seen you in my dreams", Kathy speculates. "I've seen you in my dreams before", Lily declares.

Kathy leans forward and kisses Lily on the lips. After a couple of kisses, they draw back and Kathy asks: "Was that too much?". Lily shakes her head No. "Are you into girls?", Kathy asks. "Um, I've never been with one, but I like girls", Lily says. "Well, you know I don't want to force you to do something that...", Kathy begins. "No, no. I want this", Lily interrupts. "Me too", Kathy whispers. Each of them rubs the other one's knee, prior to Kathy asking: "Can I?". Lily nods Yes.

Kathy begins caressing Lily's breasts, as they kiss again."You know this is like a really ugly dress", Kathy says, and Lily laughs. "You know I can give you some of my clothes if you like", Kathy offers. Lily nods eagerly and says "Thanks". They fondle each other's knee again and kiss. "You really have no idea how beautiful you are", Kathy enthuses. They caress and kiss some more. "Your lips are so soft", Lily murmurs. "Yours too, you taste really sweet", Kathy says. "You too", says Lily. They kiss and whisper sweet nothings to each other. Watch the romantic scene unfold, and get ready to see Maya Woulfe in Part 2.

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