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Relentless Love

Runtime: 52:35 | Added: 01/05/2019 | Featuring: Kenna James, Serena Blair

Categories: Facesitting, Homewrecker, Romance, Stockings/Pantyhose, Tribadism

Video Description:

Synposis: Last year Serena Blair broke off her engagement to Kenna James to marry a man her family wants her to marry. Serena's family insists that Kenna hasn't grown up yet, she's a writer-- for fun, and a starving artist won't make for an easy life. A year has passed and Serena is successful working for her wealthy mother, with a new fiance, but there is just one problem.. Kenna. Kenna keeps "popping into" her life, and Serena's fiance wants Kenna to leave for good. Does Serena truly want Kenna to leave? Can Kenna persuade Serena to choose her? Watch the story unfold..



I luv these 2 I want more scenes of them


LMAO! When I saw Kenna drinking the bottle of water I said "yeah help yourself" next line....yep. And whoever does Serena's hair deserves a medal.


Best movie on the site! Great story!


Kenna and Serena never disappoint, and their spot on characterizations and interp of this well-written material is only enhanced by the presence of Norton. Serena. Kenna. Norton. That's a hat trick. And speaking of hats, I oscillate between mildly confused about why the character keeps it on and totally impressed by that slick move Kenna used in getting her clothes off over her head without losing it. That was just smooth.


I have watched nearly every video on this site, and I return to this one as my favorite. I love these two together. They are both so natural and so beautiful. Serena has the perfect body. My only was up with leaving the hat on? Lol Please have these two together for more vids. I would love to give you guys my story and have these two act it out ...


Not to sound completely base...but when Kenna went down on Serena...I was spellbound. Serena's pussy was so beautiful...made so much more attractive with Kenna's mouth over it. Often when I watch adult films I think the sex looks entirely fake...not wit these two at all...


Kenna is genuinely a great actress, she manages to hold onto the emotional moment with complete credibility. The connection she has with Serena makes the journey towards sexual release quite magical. Can we have stories with Kenna and Bree please ? Two strong personalities would create real sparks.


A brilliantly disturbing sapphic masterpiece from beginning to end. Once again MissaX is able to craft a mesmerizing tale that unfolds both beautifully and heartbreakingly. The raw and intimately emotional charged characters MissaX created were superbly brought to life by both Kenna and Serena. Not to mention MissaX's stellar direction from behind the lens, truly captured the fragile spark that ignited to the ultimate conflagration of this relentless love. Kenna's subtle but severe manipulation was so multi-layered and beautifully contextualized that any contempt for the character was all but abandoned. Kenna's gorgeous eye communication once again sparkled with so much emotional angst and conflict that we as an audience were brought to our knees. Now to the true star of the film in which this beautiful orchestration centered on, Serena, yet again her performance left me gobsmacked. Her level of character involvement, emotional integrity and sheer juxtaposition is absolutely stunning and truly not see in any other adult actress with maybe the exception of Ivy Wolfe. Serena has that rare gift in which she is able to communicate real and vibrant characters at such a deep and tangible level, that we as an audience are drawn to and become so emotional invested in. Just as one example; when Serena's character confesses her pregnancy, it brought me to tears so much that I had to pause the film and struggled find my resolve to continue. That is the undeniable power that Serena has as an actress. I know I keep repeating myself and I am sorry for that but thank you MissaX for the many opportunities you give to all of these extremely talented women, we are all beyond blessed to have such beautiful and gifted women in our lives.


I’m so glad Missa X brought Serena and Kenna on board. These two have been great girl/girl acts for years. This scene proved that once again. Great acting. Great direction. And passionate lovemaking. I have been thrilled with each collaboration these two have made on here. It’s a wonderful opportunity for folks who haven’t seen their lesbian erotica before, to see what they’ve been missing. I guarantee we’ll see more of these two ladies in the near future. Keep up the good work, everyone.


The three Serena/Kenna scenes are among my favorite G/G scenes ever. There's genuine chemistry between the two, the acting and stories are impressive also. This site has the most unique "porn" I have ever seen.


Serena and Kenna work well off each other. Very successful love story, I enjoyed it very much.


Kenna and Serena are great together. The ending touched my heart


This was amazing. Serena and Kenna are so great together. They're my favorite pairing on this site. The build up was perfect and I enjoyed the dialogue very much. The acting was magnificent! Excellent job to all who worked on bringing this masterpiece to life.👏👏👏👏


I think that if this scene had anyone other than Serena and Kenna, the dog would have stole the show for me. 10/10 good boi right there. However i couldn't keep my eyes of these ladies. I don't recall the last scene i saw Serena be the one who gets the orgasm first or was on the receiving end of such tenderness so thank you for writing that! Bought a membership just for Serenas scenes and am left with a new obsession for both Kenna and your writing on top of my ever growing love for her. Excellence all round.


One of the most moving videos on the site. I'm transfixed by the interaction between these two lovely actresses. So much tenderness and feeling between them. It moves slowly, but it's powerful the whole way.


Another winner. You guys really nailed it with the Serena/Kenna pairing. Great acting by both.

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