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On Our Own pt. 2

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37:57 | Added: 06/07/2022 | Featuring: Freya Parker, Kimmy Kimm, Laney Grey

Categories: College, Facesitting, Threesome, Tribadism

Video Description:

Description: On Our Own pt. 2: Sara (Kimmy Kimm) plops down on the couch where Laney (Grey) is sorting and folding the laundry, and Sara says: "Feels good, doesn't it?". "It does", Laney agrees. "How long has it been now?", Sara asks. "A little over a month, I think", Laney replies. "Well, I was thinking...", Sara begins, and Laney interrupts: "About?". "What if we found a third?", Sara completes her query. "A third? Like...", Laney begins. "No, not like that", Sara interrupts, smiling. "Get your head out of the gutter", Laney mocks her.

"Unless...", Sara says. Laney laughs, and pretends to punch her friend. "No, I'm serious! Like we work well together, you know, creating this little home where we work hard and play hard. Wasn't the goal always to build a community?", Sara says. "Yeah, I guess I never thought that far ahead", Laney responds. "Well, you never thought you'd last", Sara claims. "Yeah, I think deep down I thought I'd be moving back to my shitty job and my fiance within the first week", Laney confesses. "Well, luckily you met me and came for the first time", Sara says.

Laney laughs and exclaims: "Not for the first time!". "Definitely the best time. Why don't we share our love a little bit?", Sara insists, taking Laney's hand. "I don't know, it's weird", Laney says. "It's not", Sara claims. "Aren't you happy?", Laney asks. Sara hugs her and replies: "Never been happier". "Well, am I not enough?", Laney wonders. "We have the space, and this'll save us some money. This is what we've been working so hard towards, creating something new and better", Sara says. "You're right. I guess I'm just insecure", Laney says.

"Well, just because someone joins us doesn't mean they'll 'join' us", Sara maintains. "True, you're always right", Laney concedes. "You make me sound insufferable. Come on, let's finish this up", Sara says, referring to the laundry they're folding. They gather it up and put it in a basket. "What if I had an idea?", Sara asks. "What about?", Laney says. "You find her", Sara directs. "Me?", Laney is incredulous. "I'm serious", Sara says. "I don't know", Laney remains on the fence. "I believe in you", Sara insists. Laney smiles as they leave the living room.

Laney is sitting on the home's front stoop next to Freya (Parker), glancing over at her. "It's okay, you can look", Freya says. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to stare", Laney apologizes. "It's natural. It's not like I haven't checked you out", Freya notes. "Stop!", Laney exclaims, smiling. "You have to know you're hot. I mean I wouldn't be here if I didn't think you were", Freya claims. "I guess I'm not used to it", Laney says. "Well, you better get used to it. I'm sure your girlfriend tells you all the time", Freya asserts.

"Are you really planning to stay with us?", Laney asks. "I really don't want to stay in my car, and you seem nice. What's your whole thing again?", Freya asks. "It's not a whole thing. It's just me and Sara trying to imagine a different life for ourselves, living freely", Laney explains. "Not like a cult though, right? I don't want to join a cult", Freya insists. "No, at least I don't think it is. It's just the two of us", Laney points out. "So how do I fit into all of this?", Freya asks. "Well, we're just trying to build a little community, you know, A few people at first", Laney replies. "And what about love and sex?", Freya wonders. "Well, it's on the table, but ultimately it's up to you", Laney explains.

"Well, um, sounds good to me", Freya says. "Cool", Laney agrees. "You look excited. You can show it", Freya suggests. Laney smiles, and just then Sara (Kimmy Kimm) opens the front door, joining them out on the stoop. "So?", Sara asks. "So?", Laney also asks. "So, when can I move in?", Freya asks. "I'll help you with your bags", Laney responds. The girls get up and go into the house together.

The trio is sitting on the couch, and Freya asks: "So how long have you known each other?". "Just over a month", Sara replies. "You seem intimate", Freya says. "Well, we are", Laney states, and Sara smiles. "Sorry, I didn't mean to be forward", Freya apologizes. "Oh, it's okay. I'm still getting used to it, too", Laney says. "So are you guys dating?", Freya asks. "In a way", Sara replies. "What does that mean?", Freya asks. "Well, it's open, or in theory it is", Sara answers. "That's cool", Freya responds.

"Yeah, we're just trying to break away from what society expects", Laney claims. "So do you guys have jobs? How do you afford to live here?", Freya inquires. "Well, for now we're living off our savings, but eventually we'll have to find a way to make money", Sara explains. "I hate working. I mean we're young and hot, like why can't we just enjoy it?", Freya expounds. Sara and Laney kiss each other spontaneously, and Freya declares: "That's hot". "So you like girls?", Sara asks her. "I like hot people", Freya responds.

"She's shy", Sara declares, pointing at Laney. "Hey!", Laney exclaims. "You are though", Sara insists. "Okay, I think it's kinda cute", Freya says. "How are you real?", Laney asks. "Most people don't really like my thing. Like my mom, my bosses, my teachers. They all wish I would care more, and I do care, just about different things", Freya explains. "Well you sound like you have a lot to teach us", Laney says. "And as long as you're willing to help around the house", Sara adds.

"Yeah, I like to clean and help anyway I can -as long as I'm not living to work", Freya says. "Well, what do you live for?", Laney asks. "I live for love", Freya responds. The other girls exchange glances, and Laney leans over Sara's body to kiss Freya on the lips. "You're a good kisser", Freya declares. Laney smiles and says: "Thanks". "She is", Sara agrees. "Look, don't feel you have to, okay?", Lena says. "I don't ever do anything I don't want to do", Freya asserts. The other girls smile and exchange glances once more. Then all three of them start to kiss and caress each other, and Freya removes her blouse, revealing her breasts. Watch the threesome unfold...

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