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Seasons pt. 2

Runtime: 34:57 | Added: 12/23/2019 | Featuring: Antonella La Sirena, Giselle Palmer, Whitney Wright

Categories: Dude Alert, Romance

Video Description:

Giselle knows that if she stays with Angela White, it would only hurt her if she became sick again. It's best for the both of them that she leaves, and where will she go? She ends up at a bar and her eyes meet a new love, Antonella La Sirena. The two begin their relationship, they have mind-blowing sex, and just as Giselle thinks she made the right choice, Antonella begins getting ready for work. Giselle begs Antonella not to escort, she throws money at her feet, "I can take care of us," she tells her. The turmoil forces Giselle to get back into her car, to look for a new season...



I would love to see the girls when they are making love to put a big hickey on thier lovers neck.


Giselle, please don't ever shave that beautiful bush.


Really was hoping she went back to Angela.


Nahhh I need a reconciliation between Giselle and Angela bc nope I refuse to believe this is the end...oooo maybe some sort of 3 way could work with Angela Giselle and Antonella


Loved it! Hmm.. There's four seasons. Does that mean there will be four parts of this great series? Looking forward to that!


I agree with Zazz, if you create another part then we can know for sure what happened. Let Giselle and Antonella play it out, maybe we find that Giselle needs a new season entirely. Great job to all involved!


Ah, thank you, Whitney! You HAVE to make another part to this!


Hello everyone, allow me to explain the ending, Giselle left Angela because she knew that her staying with her was only hurting her. The love was there between them, and always would be, but she knew that Angela couldn't withstand another tragedy if it came up in their relationship. Angela had, in a sense, taken too many emotional hits. Giselle was doing a kindness to her (in her mind) by leaving her. In the car, her mind flashes back to the one true love of her life (we all have one, yes? the one that got away?) And we go through the story of Antonella and Giselle- the night they met, their lives together, the tragic end, etc. When we come BACK to Giselle in the car, we see that she has came back for Antonella. Antonella takes her hand as they both exit back to the car (ultimately headed for the airport). They're both running away together. I left it open ended so we could always see where (destination wise) they both ended up if we made another part to this. :)


I thought part 1 was deeply moving, beautiful, and sad. This one is a bit baffling. Giselle's character seems to have as distinctly an independence streak as Antonella's, as she appears to be leaving another lover after making her wife in part 1. One more night of passion? Attempt at reconciliation? The premise is that this season will come to an end as well, again, by her choosing since she can't abide the conditions.


Thought the sex was very erotic with both girls outstanding....really good camera.....can someone tell me what I am missing at the end? She is going to start all over new love etc......them picks up her old girlfriend??


"Everyone enter your life as a Season.." Wow this quote! Giselle and Antonella are so gorgeous and amazing in this scene, HOT!! Such a powerful story, loved this series! I would love to see Giselle back for part 3 pls *_*

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