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Sgt. Ryan's Home for Wayward Girls pt. 1

Runtime: 29:56 | Added: 08/12/2023 | Featuring: Lacey London, Scarlett Sage

Categories: College, Facesitting, Romance

Video Description:

No surprise: it's Jessica Ryan portraying Sgt. Ryan, a stern taskmaster holding her young women to the highest standards, even though they may have strayed from the straight and narrow before coming to her home.

When Lacey (London) complains a bit, it's time for the good Sergeant to lecture her. "I was a confused girl, once upon a time, and I wish that I had an older, wiser person to guide me through things", Sgt. Ryan declares. Lacey continues to talk back, and Scarlett (Sage) apologizes for her. With a broad smile, Ryan reacts: "You have never had discipline in your entire life. I can tell just by looking at you". Lacey rolls her eyes contemptuously. Ryan grabs Lacey's face, squeezing her cheeks and scolds: "You are such a pretty little girl. It is such a shame that you are such a brat", and releases her grip.

"Now I want the two of you to go to your rooms and be quiet for the rest of the afternoon. At ease", Ryan orders. Back in the bedroom, Lacey tells Scarlett how they've got to leave this place, but Scarlett doesn't agree. "If you leave you'll probably be worse off than being here with Miss Jessica". They hug in solidarity, and Lacey declares: "Scarlett, I'm not mad at you.. You can always come with me".

"I love you. Will you kiss me? I've never kissed anyone", Scarlett pleads. They kiss on the lips, and after a pause, kiss again. Lacey begins removing Scarlett's clothes, and removes her own blouse, revealing huge breasts that Scarlett can't avoid staring at. Scarlett gushes: "I've never kissed anyone!". Lacey removes Scarlett's bra and starts sucking her nipples, and then kissing her gently all over her neck.

Scarlett reciprocates with some serious breast worship, covering Lacey's tits with kisses and licks. Then it's time for both girls to remove their jeans. Lacey moves down Scarlett's body with gentle kisses, carefully removing her panties. Scarlett begins breathing heavily as Lacey begins licking her pussy with evident experience. Soon her long tongue brings Scarlett to orgasm. A quick learner, Scarlett goes to work with her tongue on Lacey's slit. Watch the sexy scene unfold...

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