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So-ul Sis-ters II

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25:03 | Added: 04/24/2018 | Featuring: Emma Hix, Katrina Jade

Categories: Futanari

Video Description:

Emma is my best friend, that's why I can't cut her off. I've known she was a lesbian since I met her, but I never thought she would hit on me. It was awkward, to say the least, and I saw how upset she was when I refused her. I told her we'd still be friends, but we should probably let some time pass before we hung out together again. She nodded, her pretty doe eyes looked up at me even though her head hung low with disappointment. I felt a tinge of guilt for being so hard with her, but then on the other hand, I can't lead her on. It's a kindness to be firm and, hopefully, in time we'll hardly remember that uncomfortable night.

The next afternoon I was at home when I heard the door bell ring. I remembered it's our weekly movie night with Emma, but surely she wouldn't be at the door.. right? I opened the door and Emma was smiling cheerfully, "Ominous Nights III," are you ready?! I let her in, "sure.." but what the hell was she thinking? What happened to giving our friendship a little space? Was she going to make a move on me again?

Emma had a goody bag with tea, popcorn, and a gift for me, from the old Curiosities Shoppe. "Oh Emma, You're not supposed to buy a gift for me. It's not even my birthday."
Emma scoffed and smiled, "It's not like a vibrating dildo or something. Look.. I love you, that is still true, and I'll always love you even if we're just platonic. I'd never make a move on you again, and I don't know what got into me, maybe it was too much merlot, but hey, I apologized and I thought we were just going to move on and forget about it... right?"
Katrina squints her eyes, "yes, but no gifts. Especially not from that curiosities boutique. Let's just drop the whole present thing.. ok? I'm grateful, thank you, but.. but.. can we just watch the movie?"
Emma nods disappointed, "sure."
The girls make themselves comfortable after Katrina pops in the movie. It starts off tense, a man is creeping up the stairs with a sinister look in his eyes. Oh yes, this movie is going to be just as spooky as the last! He opens the door to the basement and, "oooh!" I look over and Emma has jumped into my arms, her little face resting on my breast. I bite my lip, and I feel her body tense up. "Let me see what you bought, actually." Emma smiles and hands me the gift, for the second time, and I pull the leopard print ribbon to open it.

I see two necklaces, two halves of a heart, the necklaces are positioned together with black engraved print, "Soul Sisters." They're beautiful, silver, heavy, and they have a glow to them. I thank Emma as she puts the necklace around my neck.
"Soul Sisters.. you see? We're best friends, purely platonic, but just like sisters. I'll wear it, you wear yours, and if you get nervous you can glance down at your necklace and know that I love you, and that I'm with you, always, even when I'm not"
I smile at her thoughtful present.. maybe she isn't coming on to me. The very nature of sisters are the opposite of lovers. I feel at ease now and ashamed at my suspicious behavior.
Emma clasps her necklace around her neck, she moves her thick blonde hair to the side, "there is one more thing, a silly superstition from Madame Boswell. When we put them together we can make one wish, as long as the wish is not evil, or for material things like money or a fancy car, then the wish will come true."
I laugh, "cute" Emma nods in solidarity, "I think so too." I close my eyes and wish to the sky, "I wish to nail my presentation on Monday." Emma clamps her hand over my mouth, "KAT! " She always calls me Kat when she's annoyed with me. "You're not supposed to say it out loud"
"Ok" she rolls her eyes, "Let's try it again" Emma, "on three and we'll put the necklace together, close our eyes, and wish." I nod and we count together.. "1..2.." three! There is a magnetic pull as if the necklaces willed themselves to join together. I feel the power of the necklaces and I close my eyes and wish my deepest fantasy. The air feels electric, there is a sense of unease and tension in the room. I start to feel as if I am not in control of the moment, and that feeling excites and scares me. I pull away and Emma gasps.

Watch the story unfold..

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