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The Awakening Trip pt. 3

Runtime: 33:29 | Added: 01/31/2021 | Featuring: Emma Hix, Joanna Angel

Categories: College, MILF, Older/Younger, Taboo, Tribadism

Video Description:

Have you ever felt an attraction to someone that you shouldn't? There's a tension in the air, seductive glances, casual touches, and breathing in the smell of her can drive you wild. It's been a little like that ever since Chelsea (Emma Hix) met Poppy's wild stepmom, Maggie (Joanna Angel). You see Maggie isn't like any parental-figure Chelsea has ever seen. She's older, sure, but she's young at heart, her body is just as tight as any of Chelsea's 18 year old friends, and the way she walks, talks, the way she feels just by granting her presence in a room feels a lot like 'please, fuck me.' As cool as it is to be around such a dynamic woman, it can also feel torturous for a young, inexperienced woman like Chelsea.

Chelsea sits with Maggie on the sofa, alone, and for a moment she feels as if Maggie wants her too. Her heart begins to beat, her mind races, and suddenly she finds it very difficult to make casual conversation. Maggie discusses her relationship with her step-daughter and confessed, "we figure, sure.. but we fuck as hard as we fight." Chelsea looks at her in shock. "You must be disgusted with me," Maggie says as she casts her eyes downward. "Not at all." Maggie smiles with manipulative seduction, "want to know what it feels like?"

Watch the story unfold..



I don't like complaints about actors that are a known. Joanna HAS ink, for 10 years! So what! If you don't like implants and the actor has implants, that's on you. This is a great scene with enthusiasm and arousal to spare. I see this all the time when a actor has ink, it's unnecessary. Watch or don't. Just stop complaining.


Don't know whats wrong with everyone else but Joanna Angel is HOT!


I couldn't agree more with @mmmmheels.....Emma in her heels looks sooooo damned sexy! Please use them more.... I'm not a massive Joanna fan, as I often find her a little too much, but in this I feel she's toned it down a little. Emma is as gorgeous as ever!


Tats I can take or leave them. But some girls do it well. I like Joanna's tats. Have found her to be hot. As for fake breasts. It's up to the girls. I like her as a MILF.


Who has sex with shoes on??????


Finally another scene where heels stayed on.....sort of. We got 24 minutes of them which is better than nothing. Why is it so hard to have scenes where the lady’s keep heels on? High heels are the sexiest thing a women can wear and they would compliment the beautiful gals here so much. Please add them more often. As has been stated by others I’m not a huge fan of that many tats but it wasn’t enough for me to not watch. Overall this was a good addition to the story. I love mother/daughter taboo stuff.


Two things that polarize folks..tattoos and implants. Tattoos...tastefully done, moderate Evelyn Claire..I'm good with that...once you cover your arms and more..then it's overboard. someone who pays money to a member here..I think that gives me the right to tell management what I find to be a turnoff, and for me implants are a deal breaker..I find scenes with implanted women unwatchable. If they continue this trend...then I'll just take my money elsewhere.


Sorry but Joanna Angel kills this scene. Emma is amazing as always but with Joanna its not even watchable.


Also I think Joanna is a outstanding actress and is as good as their is in this business...I too think perhaps too much ink but does not diminish her talent


I have always had a problem with comments that refer to breasts etc that tell a person what we dont like about them.. they are real people that do this for a living and read these comments am sure and i just think that lets focus on the story-acting-directing to tell Allherluv what did not work for the you ....and you can rate it low if you want and i really wish the missa sites had a 0-10 rating scale that would make it so much easier for members to rate shoots and for them to see what we thought and i would think they would want this? ....but leave out the personal attacks that are so easy today with the fact that we do not have to face the person which is what i dislike about todays world....just my thoughts thanks


Even Emma, as sexy as she is, couldn't save this, fake boobs are a complete turnoff,as is a body covered in tattoos.


Hard to get by the "body art?"


MOD EDIT: Please remember that the actors visit this site, and be considerate in choosing your words.

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