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The Investor

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29:33 | Added: 07/13/2018 | Featuring: Bridgette B, Shyla Jennings

Categories: MILF, Older/Younger, Romance, Taboo

Video Description:

Bridgette is at her computer with the spreadsheet up and typing an email on the other laptop, typing furiously, she rubs her brow. It's been three years since the competition took their production overseas and was able to lower the cost of their product, now Bridgette's business is suffering. She's looking at the expenses to revenue sheet and is overwhelmed, if only they had an investor, someone to help them lower the cost of the product by increasing the supply, then they could meet demand and beat out the competitor. If only...
Shyla comes in wearing a blue lace Summer dress on a chilly afternoon, her nipples bud through the lace. Bridgette glances at Shyla as Shyla sweetly says, "Megan's going to pick me up soon, but I'll be home before curfew."
The name Megan rings a bell, "Wait.. Megan? Megan Ogenbach, right?"
Shyla nods, "You know Ogenbach Investments, they're kind of a big deal.. they've even got an indoor pool at their house. I packed my bikini."
Bridgette swallows, "you know.. I've heard Megan's got TWO mommies isn't that right?"
"Yeah, but it's soooo not a big deal, right? You've been my step mommy forever, and I never make a thing of it. Times are changing, you know?"
Bridgette, "Yes, of course, but I heard that Megan's birth Mommy was wrapped up in a scandal a few years back? Something about sexual harassing young ladies?"
Shyla, "Oh yeah. That's Karen Ogenbach you don't have to worry about her. She's harmless, she's just a little flirty. She DID slap my ass once, but I just laughed it off, you know, she just has a really colorful personality."
Bridgette looks at the computer and then back at Shyla, noticing her womanly beauty now that she is eighteen. She smiles at Shyla as she briefly reminisces about how she used her youthful beauty to get ahead, and how Shyla could do the same.
Shyla looks strangely at Bridgette who is simply smiling at her and looking her up and down, "what's up?"
Bridgette, "You know our business is struggling ever since our competitors took their production overseas and we need an investor, someone to help us buy inventory, lower the production costs, so we can stay."
"You mean we might have-ta move for the business?"
Bridgette nods, "I don't want that honey, but the only way I can see raising the money we need is if we sell this house, stay in an apartment in China while we figure out the production side of things, and then work from the ground up once again."
Shyla's jaw drops in shock as Bridgette explains, "it's not like I haven't been beaten and gotten back up stronger before. As a matter of fact, every single time in the past, when things got hard, we overcame, and became stronger for it.
Shyla nods, "well good, it can't get much worse than this so.. get strong then, like, right now. I can't move to China! None of my friends are there, and how am I going to learn to speak Chinese?! I can't.. We can't!"
"I have an idea!
Shyla's eye light up and sparkle with interest.
Bridgette warns Shyla, "I need you to be very strong, sweetheart. You need to be an ambassador for this family. The only thing that saves us from possible ruin is your courage, intelligence, and persuasion."
"My persuasion?"
Bridgette nods, "I need you to persuade Karen to invest in our company. You're going to look for an opportunity to be alone with her and you're going to show her that if she believes in us, we can all grow together. It means not much for her to invest $500,000 in us."
Bridgette nods, "for a 20% share in our business, that's more than fair considering our past five years of sales."
Shyla, "that's half a million, and I don't know much about our business. Remember you wouldn't even give me a Summer job because I knew so little? I ended up having to be a lifeguard."
"Well you don't need to know much, you just need to be beautiful and persuasive, and my darling girl, you are both."
Bridgette's patience is running thin, "You need to go over there and seduce her. You need to get her to write a check, just as she did to the girls for their non-disclosure agreements a few years back."
"But.. "
Bridgette interrupts, "But she is a beautiful woman, she may be twice your age, but she is a beautiful woman.. it won't be that painful for you to seduce her, to do whatever it takes to save our family business, save our home."
"Seduce her? A woman?"
Bridgette nods, "You'll do it tonight."
Shyla searches for a way to wiggle out of this heavy task, "But.."
Bridgette, "But you do nothing but take, ever since you were born you just leech resources: food clothing, medical schooling, you take, take, take, and now you have an opportunity to give back, you'll deny us because why..? Because you're afraid? You'll fail our family, be the cause of our possible ruin?"
Shyla shakes her head no.
Bridgette kindly asserts with a question: "You will NOT disappoint me?"
Shyla shakes her head no, "no ma'am."
"Good girl. Get going and come back with a check.. make sure you wear a jacket. It is cold outside."
Shyla leaves silently, feeling stunned.

Watch the story unfold..

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