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The Lesbian Study pt. 3

Runtime: 36:40 | Added: 05/08/2021 | Featuring: Cecilia Lion, Charlotte Stokely, Evelyn Claire

Categories: Romance

Video Description:

Synopsis: Joyce (Evelyn Claire) is quickly falling for her friend, Paula (Lena Anderson). Joyce meets with Jenny (Charlotte Stokely) for an interview. Charlotte makes Joyce realize she is, in fact, in love with Paula. Joyce stays the night at Jenny's and listens to Jenny make love with her beautiful girlfriend, Maya (Cecelia Lion). Passionate lovemaking between Maya and Jenny

Last night's meeting with the lesbian couple was epic in Joyce's (Evelyn Claire) research but where in the heck was Paula (Lena Anderson) when she promised to help her with her thesis? Paula stumbles in wearing last night's clothing, her hair and make-up a mess. "Where were you?!" Paula gushes, "I had the wildest night! You know that promoter, Stacy Walker? Well, she personally invited 'me' to the opening thee poshest nightclub. I have never danced so hard!" Joyce mutters, "thanks for your help last night." Paula rolls her eyes and continues on, "You don't understand! This girl was so hot and fuck-- such a good kisser, it's been so long since I just made out with someone I just met." A part of Joyce feels jealous, but she doesn't want to show it, instead she exudes annoyance as she crosses her arms. Paula whines, "you can't be mad at me. I'm sure everything went well-- Eva and Katie are so chill." How can Paula not understand how unusual it is for a stranger to show up and ask intimate details about a couples' love life, their 'sex' life! To make matters worse, Paula is short on rent and wants Joyce to front her part! "Hey.. tonight, I'll be there when we meet up with Jenny-- this hot little blonde that is sure to give you good material for your paper. Cool?" Joyce smiles, "Cool."

Joyce is at the meeting spot when Jenny pulls up in her car. Jenny is the hottest blonde that Joyce has ever seen, her face features so delicate that make her pouty pink lips look so inviting. The two introduce themselves and Joyce feels embarrassed because Paula is ditching her again! "Should we wait for her?" Joyce answers Jenny with certainty, "no, she's not coming."

Joyce begins her interview by asking Jenny about her 'open relationship," she heard about this from her friend, Paula. Jenny laughs a little bit and Joyce apologizes if she offended. The last few women she's interviewed were more like open books, but Jenny seems a little bit more guarded. Jenny explains, "I'm 'not' offended. I understand that you're just doing research. Maya, my girlfriend, and I have been together a long time. We also sleep with other people. It's sometimes casual, but other times it can be more serious. I even dated Paula for a year." Joyce swallows with tension, "Maya wasn't jealous?" Jenny smiles warmly, "you can't really be jealous for an open relationship to work. Even in a big city like L.A., the lesbian community is quite small. Everyone gets around to dating everyone anyway. Maya and I are just cutting out the awkward breakups." Joyce is intrigued. In the small town where she's from, open relationships don't happen.

Jenny quickly picks up on the fact that Joyce is head over heels in love with Paula. Joyce tries to brush it off as it's not all that it seems. It's late and Jenny insists that Paula stay the night.

Later that night Joyce listens to Jenny meeting up with her girlfriend, Maya (Cecilia Lion). The women make passionate love as Joyce touches herself dreaming of Paula. "Fuck," she thinks, "Jenny's right. I am in love." Watch the story unfold..



Both girls are so hot, I'd like to see Charlotte Stokely pair up with Karla Kush


The most erotic part of this scene for me is Evelyn Claire laying on her bed and listening to Charlotte Skokely in the next room. Sometimes you don't need graphic sex for a scene to be erotic. Another excellent AllHerLuv/RickyGreenwood production. I do hope this marriage of minds continues well into the future.


Charlotte has a boyfriend lol


@hankie66. Shyla a sell out? lol. Were you under the illusion she was a lesbian in real life. Also, Charlotte has done numerous b/g scenes. Is she a sell out too?


Now that Shyla Jennings has sold out and gone boy/girl that leaves only a couple of pure, legendary lesbian only stars and Charlotte is on the top tier of lesbian greatness and she still delivers fantastic thoughtful scenes as I just witnessed a Charlotte/Evelyn pairing would be perfect ending to this solid series.

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