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Through My Window pt. 1

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41:35 | Added: 01/07/2023 | Featuring: Penny Barber, Serene Siren

Categories: Facesitting, MILF, Romance

Video Description:

Looking through her window, Laura (Jessica Ryan) witnesses a bitter argument outside between neighbors Marie (Penny Barber) and wife Jane (Serene Siren). "Get your stuff, get your clothes, get your things and just go! I want to be alone", Marie yells in a fit of anger. Serene counters that Marie should be the one to leave, but as the yelling continues Siren simply storms off.

Marie spots Laura watching from her distant window, but thinks nothing of it. However, Laura thinks about making a play for Marie, but decides against it, after all, her neighbors are still married. She accidentally makes a noise when she goes outside and Marie hears it and calls out to her, inviting her over for a glass of wine.

"Well, I think it's over between the two of us", Marie announces to guest Laura matter-of-factly. "I appreciate all your advice, but I can't save a one-sided marriage. It's too hard", Marie contends, adding: "I think that somewhere out there, there's a woman who has enough respect for me to not raise her voice, she's going to appreciate the love and attention I'm going to give to her, and we'll be so similar we'll rarely disagree and no, I don't think we're going to fight". Laura smiles and responds: "It's just not human to agree with somebody all of the time. How long have we been friends for?". "Since we moved in four years ago", Marie answers. "Maybe all Jane needs is to be heard", Laura suggests.

"Or maybe I'm just prolonging the inevitable", Marie states glumly. "Divorce?", Laura asks. They're interrupted by Jane returning. "Marie, can we please talk?", Jane asks meekly. "How about a rain check on that wine?", Laura offers and heads back home. The couple march off silently to their bedroom, and Jane plops a suitcase on the bed. "What are you doing now?", Marie asks. "I decided you're right -I'm going to spend some time at my mom's house", Jane declares. "I was just mad, okay? You don't have to go. I was talking to Laura, we've both been married for, like seven years. Maybe we should just do something to break up the routine", Marie says. "I'm sure she gave you all kinds of excellent advice. What did she tell you exactly? Did she invite you to come live with her?", Jane asks.

"What is that supposed to mean?", Marie asks, a bit angry again. "She's head over heels for you -it's obvious", Jane claims, still packing her bag. "You encourage it. You lay out in your bikini all day, while she just stares at you from her window", Jane says. "She told me not to get a divorce, okay?", Marie counters. "Don't lie to me. Don't gaslight me. Look, I'm going to be gone for the weekend, and when I get back, I don't know -maybe we'll try counseling", Jane retorts.

"Oh, you want to work things out?", Marie asks. "Yes, Marie, I love you", Jane says, tenderness in her voice. Marie gets up and says: "I love you too". Sarcastic again, Jane declares: "I bet Laura recommended an excellent divorce attorney, didn't she? She made out really well with that heiress of hers". "This is ridiculous. She talks about her divorce all the time -she deeply regrets it. She was deeply in love with her ex-wife", Marie contends. "Whatever. See you Monday", Jane says and grabs her bag to go.

Marie stops her wife, holding her by the shoulders and says: "I'm sorry. I haven't been myself lately. All right? You've been going through a lot and I haven't been there for you. I should have been, and I'm sorry". "That means a lot. Thank you. Actions speak louder than words", Jane says. They kiss, and the old fire returns as the couple makes up. Whispering sweet nothings they undress as they caress each other's bodies and lie back on the bed. As Marie goes down on Jane and gently makes love to her, Laura quietly returns outside and sees them through their bedroom window. Join Laura in watching their romance rekindle...

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