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Runtime: 32:02 | Added: 12/22/2018 | Featuring: Alison Rey, Shyla Jennings

Categories: Romance

Video Description:

Synopsis: Shyla Jennings has an obsession with best-selling author, Alison Rey. Shyla has made moves to secure her friendship with Alison: showing up at her book-signing, spilling coffee on her blouse, and finally, befriending her and visiting her home. Alison doesn't suspect Shyla of being obsessive, but finds Shyla endearing and sweet. Shyla ups her antics in the hopes of securing Alison's heart. Shyla's light-hearted, mischievous, and playful pushes appeal to Alison as a lonely, over-worked writer; but will she give herself body and soul to Shyla?



Just absolutely love Shyla, she loves tribbing and it shows😉


great scene! loved it when shyla was on alisons lap and alison lifted shyla up in air.more of that please.great job guys


A little criticism here, if you don't mind, is that the beginning is rocky. It would be better if we could see Shyla speaking. The scene picked up when the two girls made it to the bathroom. Anything with Shyla is adorable-- big fan of her in the scenes here. Nobody shows off her talents more than this site.


Shyla is beautiful,sexy,talented,intriguing,mysterious,funny and AWESOME,need i say more? Please feature her manifest, multiple talents again and again and............................ You get my drift!


Go to the Story Suggestion Blog. You can submit your story there.


Where do you pitch stories? This came from a member of the site?


Wow, This was amazing.. As ever great work by Shyla & Alison And Congrats ossiennelson4


OOOOOOMMMMGGGGGG! MissaX you have done it again! Another fantastic job! I love it sooo much! It's one of my new fav movie!!!! You have done a great job with Ossiennelson4's story. It was funny and hot at the same time....Shyla Jennings and Alison Rey is a great pairing and love their chemistry on screen. They have such amazing chemistry and their hotness when doing those hot scene together. They both did a termendous job with their characters. I'm seriously glad Ossiennelson4's introduce me to your site and loving all the contents on it. I really enjoy seeing Shyla shine with her amazing talent. Its seriously a best gift a girl can have watching all these amazing stories come to life with your magical work that you do MissaX and also thank Ossiennelson4's for the great story too. Thank you!


Bravo! Another great episode brought to us by Missa X. And credit to Ossienelson for submitting his story. The man is becoming AllHerLuv’s Poet Laureate. I adore this site for what it provides in lesbian erotica and fan collaboration. I just can’t say enough about the talent involved. From Missa’s direction and script to the acting by Alison and Shyla. It’s great seeing those two together because I feel they make a wonderful team. Alison is so good delivering her lines and Shyla makes excellent facial reactions. The scene with the newspaper and Shyla sharing all her misfortune, was so silly. Then Shyla being mischievous feigns injured wrists to get Alison to help her bathe. The tub scene is amazing. Not just the sex but the conversation between our two stars is very authentic. I loved hearing Shyla’s lips smacking on Alison’s vagina as her character is having her first lesbian sexual encounter. Then Alison having Shyla in her lap as they get each other off. Awesome scene. Again the dialogue was superb and Missa is an artist. She took a fan’s story and turned into something every member can enjoy. Blessings on everyone involved with this “Calamity”.


Thank you ossiennelson4 and MissaX for a great story! You picked a great pairing, Shyla is amazing and seeing Allison with her was a great decision as they are magic together. I really like this story line and you can continue this into a series, traveling to book signings etc. I just love it when Shyla gets to be so mischievous in a cat and mouse game in order to get what she wants. LOVED IT! Shyla, keep your eyes on the prize, Allison! 💋

LennBeng / Lenny

Thank you so much, MissaX because you made the story of ossiennelson4's wonderful and fun story. Shyla is an outstandingly talented actress and Alison matches her well. Thank you for this wonderful Christmas present. And thanks to ossiennelson4 too


Thank you so much for the best Christmas present 🎁 a Girl/Girl loving boy could ever want. You took my trifle of a story as the starting point for this comic erotic gem. Shyla is a true national treasure,turning expertly from lovable klutz to experienced seductress. Alison Rey matches her perfectly. You have spoiled me for other porn sites. This and your MissaX website is where I go from now on.

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