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Forever Young pt. 1

Runtime: 49:11 | Added: 07/13/2019 | Featuring: Avi Love, Dana DeArmond

Categories: MILF, Older/Younger, Romance, Tribadism

Video Description:

Avi Love has been talking online to Dana Dearmond. Avi swoons with young love as Dana is just the type of girl that Avi is looking for, and she has convinced Dana to stay the weekend with her! When Avi meets Dana she is stunned, she's almost frozen with disbelief. This can't be the young woman I was speaking to online, this woman is old enough to be my mother, but she is beautiful. The hours pass by and Avi watches as Dana behaves like a young girl, she's even scared to go to college for the first time! When Dana excuses herself to go to the bathroom, Avi takes her phone, calls Dana's sister to find out the truth about Dana.



I was just wondering why these women don't give thier lovers hickeys. This is a wonderful movie.


I’ve noticed every iPhone on this site, as well as all of the others, never have a passcode; everyone can just take another’s iPhone and text and make calls on it!!! 🤪


Thank you harryben, I think Dana did an absolutely phenomenal job. Avi too! roberto0259c- She is! I love Avi's intensity! iluvgirls- That is a HUGE compliment to me! Thank you very much, I appreciate it! I couldn't do it without my crew. They shoot a lot of other stuff in the industry and are so talented. I will relay this message to them and they will appreciate it as well. :) I have a lot coming up on here for you and your wife to look forward to. ;) Huntman12- Thank you very much! And I agree! Me and Avi will be together again someday, it's just a matter of time in this business. ;)


great job whitney!love your work on this one.i always love to watch avi shes beautiful.i would love to see you in you and together agian.


Wow! This is top-notch storytelling, acting, directing, and cinematography. Whitney, there is no daylight between the quality of your work here and the shows streaming on Netflix--except the erotic lesbian sex! But that's a plus here and a minus there. My wife and I look forward to your future films. Thanks.


Avi Love is so sexy...I love the way she kisses freaking hot! More Avi, please!


Once again, Avi shows her incredible beauty and sensitivity, such a beautiful soul. This was a great role for Dana, giving scope to her very emotional approach to her films, which can appear a bit OTT. Here it is absolutely right, and the way Avi and Dana are given the freedom to work out their relationship is so refreshing. Such intensity in their lovemaking.


ossiennelson4 that's what I was thinking! There's so many ways it could go! :)


This is a very impressive totally original take on the younger woman/older woman genre. Both leads give amazing fully embodied performances. The direction, photography and choice of music is totally attuned to the material. I love the tiny details like Avi quickly trying to straighten out the living room before Dana's visit. The end is beautifully hopeful. I was wondering for awhile if there would an epilogue similar to some versions of Peter Pan. For instance, a year later after attending college, Avi tries to contact Dana only to find that Dana now thinks Avi is too old for her.


mariocaballero Thank you! and yes, absolutely! I want to put Dana in a mommy role soon! I believe we have the clearance for that as well so I will be writing something for her to be in soon. Loving or reluctant, I'm positive she could do it! And yes to rim jobs! :)


Thank you, Sidewalk Enforcer! Good observations, dually noted! We could have slipped some more comedy in there, I suppose. I was really careful to walk the fine line between Dana really hamming it up or doing juuuust enough to add to her character, right before the big reveal (when Avi calls her sister and the viewer finds out what's wrong with Dana). But I agree! Thank you for the compliments on the scene! Someone telling me that they loved it and will be watching it later is one of the biggest compliments I love hearing as a director! These are all for YOU guys, and I look at each scene as a way to give you all something different and enjoyable to thank you for your subscription to here. More to come! <3


Thank you Zazz! I have an idea for what I want going into each shoot and my crew only adds to that. They have a beautiful eye for detail, and before each shoot, we break down the shot list and talk about how we want each scene done. I couldn't do it without them! :) The ladies were absolutely outstanding as always. I could almost put Avi in everything I shoot. She really goes above and beyond. Dana is a personal friend of mine and I knew she would put 110% into any role I gave her. Thank you for noticing the details, we put a lot of love into them!


funny, sexy, you have good ideas. dana wanted to meet avi so bad she forgot to close the trunk. whitney, can the girls to rimjob, and can we get dana to be a loving or reluctant mom with a lot of dirty talk?


If you do a sequel, maybe you can have Dana give us more comedy with another unsuspecting girl she meets online. I like the part when she is dancing wild and Avi looks off into the camera like 'what is going on here?' The sex scene is hot but I wanted Avi to take her panties off, such a tease when she is bent over with the thong on and satisfying Dana. I think the opening is shot artfully, and Whitney did a great job of showing off how naturally beautiful Avi is when her head hits the pillow, and then she goes out to water flowers and the wind blows through her hair. Both women are beautiful, the story is cute but I wanted to get more comedy from Dana, overall I think the story is awesome. Well done, and I will re-watch this one later.


What a tender story! Such powerful, understated acting! And what beautiful cinematography! Once again, each frame is so beautifully composed. I love how spare the makeup is that brings out the natural beauty of the actresses. So well done! Congratulations, Whitney, and to yippy cast and crew!


Thank you, farkuanu3! I'm proud of this one! I wanted a taboo story with a sweet twist at the end, one that shows that for the first time, something is going right in Dana's life: finally someone walks into her life and wants to stay. I feel like Avi and Dana did that beautifully. Loved this one from beginning to end. A part two would be great! Facesitting is always hot, I agree. For this one, I let Avi and Dana go at it without any direction, they didn't disappoint! ;)


We love this story! So romantic how Avi develops sympathy and love for Dana. Hope there is a part 2 with these two in the bedroom taking turns riding each other's face in the middle of the night. Facesitting when done romantically is so hot.

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