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Runtime: 53:38 | Added: 05/22/2019 | Featuring: Bree Daniels, Kristen Scott

Categories: Romance, Stockings/Pantyhose, Tribadism

Video Description:

It's been quite a few years since Bree Daniels went to High School with Kristen Scott. Bree was an introverted artist and Kristen was an outgoing prom queen; Bree fell head-over-heels for Kristen. A tragic event cut Bree's life short but she never gave up hope that she would kiss her longtime crush, Kristen.
When Kristen moves into the home that Bree used to live in, Bree has her opportunity to appear again. Bree makes herself as alive as she was back when Kristen met her, and she begins her seduction, using scares to inch Kristen closer and closer into her arms. Bree's wish is about to come true.



Really nice set-up. My wife and I were as captivated by how the story would unfold as we were by the anticipation of sex between these talented and lovely actresses. Nice twist in the story—we only wish the sex would have played on it a little more, with perhaps Bree taking more of an active or manipulative role given the set-up. The camera angles also made the lovemaking a little less erotic than it could have been. But kudos for all the kissing and breast-play. As much as we love the eventual pussy eating, it is wonderful to see two girls kissing deeply and giving each other’s beautiful breasts the attention they deserve.


Great scene! That ghost could even eat crackers in my bed and I would insist she stay!


When this first came out i did not have time watch it completely... now i love it...the effects actually gave me chills even when bree did her bewitched nose wrinkle ... best of all the sex was so well paced nothing hurried and what a beautiful site with bree laying back and kristen between her legs....the last chill up my spine at the very end did bree say goodby??


That was surprisingly sweet. I was expecting something with a bit more of a horror element, but this was really heartwarming.


A well-paced film, with a stunning start - truly scary ! Bree is the key to this film, and she certainly delivers, with a mixture of mystery, charm, and cunning that leads to a highly charged encounter in the bed. The sex is perhaps slightly unresolved, I was looking for a deeper interaction, with some extra twists and turns.


Very tender, well acted, written and directed scene.


Kristen is a wonderful actress and the stories are great in their ability to build up suspense, but the sex that finally comes of it all is a bit lacking. She is a great face sitter in other stuff she's done. I'd like to see her in a movie where she lures a victim into a situation where she sits her ass on her face and kinda roughly face fucks her until she orgasms. Maybe to the point where her victim passes out with lots of struggling? The same idea would work great with Kenna James as the aggressor. Both play such wonderful psycho-paths who could have that fetish as their story. They have the ability to appear to be normal up until they have their victims where they want them :)


Brilliant well worth the two week wait.


Sorry for the delay on this one. The next 2 will be moved to 3 day intervals to catch back up. We've been doing some improvements behind the scenes. So glad you like Phantasm! The girls had a good time with this script.

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