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Starting Over pt. 2

Runtime: 37:43 | Added: 01/23/2022 | Featuring: Cadence Lux, Jayden Cole

Categories: Facesitting, Romance, Tribadism

Video Description:

Cadence Lux has moved in with Freya Parker, and now is discussing remodeling ideas with her interior decorator Jayden Cole. She tells Jayden about her previous situation: "I guess I can't believe it's happening". "You're excited?", Jayden inquires. "No, terrified". "Terrified of what?".

Cadence continues: "It's a long story. I mean, I was married, we broke up, we also worked together. Nothing I did was ever good enough. It was my passion to start a design company, but I couldn't." "That sounds terrible", Cole interjects. "It was, but my new roommate has given me free range to do whatever I want with this space, so I want this home to be my calling card".

Cole notes: "I've worked for a lot of design firms and I feel your vision - I think you're going to do amazing". "I want to believe that", Cadence asserts. "Come tell me who you are", Jayden says. Cadence joins her on the living room couch. "What do you mean, who I am?", she asks.

"This is your space, your calling card. It should be a reflection of you", Jayden points out. "You're right, I'm just not sure", Cadence replies. "I could tell you're smart, and talented, and feminine", Cole notes. "Feminine", Lux says, looking down toward the floor. "It's not a dirty word", Cole maintains. "I know, I just hate it", Cadence responds.

"I bet someone had made you feel small for it before, but it's really a wonderful thing", Jayden asserts. "I just, I don't want to be made to feel small or weak", Lux says. Jayden interrupts: "Femininity is not about being small or weak. It's about being intuitive and attentive. Only a woman can endure the pain of childbirth. Anything small or weak about that?", Cole insists. "I guess I never really thought about it that way", Lux says, laughing a bit.

"Whoever made you feel that way was just afraid of your power", Cole points out. "My power?". "We just met, but I see it, I feel it", Cole asserts. "Maybe it could be all about that, the strength of womanhood", Lux wonders. Both women look around the room. Jayden breaks the silence: "You're still afraid". "I just wanted to get a better look", Cadence claims. She goes on: "The way you're looking at me". "I'm just looking", Jayden maintains. "It's so intense, I feel like you're staring right through me", Cadence says.

Cole smiles as she says: "Let's go look at the rest of the house". The women get up and go into the bedroom. "It's all wrong", Cole declares bluntly. "I feel so too", Lux says. "Good, then we're on the same page. "You know, something about you that's changed", Lux states. "Has it?". "I can't quite put my finger on it", Cadence notes. "Well, when we were out there staring at the wall, I saw something that I didn't see before", Cole says. "What was it?". "You had this energy, I felt it flowing from you to me, and in that moment I felt like I was seeing exactly what you envisioned", Jayden says.

Cadence laughs, and Jayden insists: "I'm not joking". "I don't mean to make fun", Cadence admits. Jayden sits down on the bed facing her and says: "I just wish you saw in yourself what others see in you, if you're going to be serious about this business." "I am serious', Cadence insists. "Well then believe in yourself. If you don't, people will see right through that shit and walk all over you", Cole asserts. "Why this little pep talk?", Cadence asks.

"If we're going to work together, I want you to be in charge. My job is to bring your vision to life. I don't want to waste your money or my time", Cole emphasizes. "Well, you're right". "Of course I'm right", Cole notes. "You are something else, aren't you?", Lux says with a smile. "What are you going to do about it?", Cole counters.

Lux turns away, mumbling. "What are you thinking?", Jayden asks. "I'm thinking that you're so sexy", Cadence says. "Really?". "No, we can pretend I didn't say it", Lux says sheepishly. "No, I like it", Jayden replies. "You told me to take charge", Lux notes. "I like it", Cole reiterates. Lux leans over and kisses Jayden. Watch what happens next...

Watch the story unfold..

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