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Sun in Virgo

Runtime: 36:08 | Added: 08/15/2019 | Featuring: Emma Hix, Lena Paul

Categories: College, Facesitting, Romance, Tribadism

Video Description:

Lena Paul, runs away from her overly helpful Landlord, Serena Blair to visit her gay friend, Emma Hix. Lena's been immersed in all things gay, but is she ready to make the leap with her flirty friend? The Sun in Virgo horoscope is read, all stars align, and the two women collide in a kiss. Emma gently guides Lena to how she wants to be touched, loved, and erotic and heartwarming first time lesbian sex ensues.



I am so loving this site... it is wonderful seeing the performers I have grown to adore writing and directing scenes. Serena Blair with each new video I see that you have created I am more and more interested in seeing what more your wonderful mode can come up with...


Hi Eva, thanks for joining the discussion. Yes, I do hope their story can be developed more, with more references to gay Vancouver ! There is a lot of scope for a story about how their relationship develops, maybe how Lena gains confidence as a queer woman, the other gays thst she meets on her journey.


Oh my god, this is the gayest thing I’ve ever seen! Well done, ladies! My sun-in-Virgo heart is LIVING for this 😻 🌈


This was great... Great casting... Emma & Lena were wonderful


Hi, Eva, thanks for filling us in on lesbian culture. I couldn't figure out why she's carrying plants instead of, like, an overnight bag, and also what was going on with the water (I was trying to think of whether there was a plant tie-in).


Hi guys, Eva here! I'm so glad to see how much you all are enjoying the story that Serena and I came up with for this! We wanted to take a lighthearted peek into lesbian culture with some of the story beats (plants, horoscopes, hydration etc.). Davie Street is actually the queer capital of Vancouver for those of you who don't know! Emma and Lena are incredible performers, and elevated the script to levels beyond my imagination. Harryben, I'd love to continue writing for these characters in the future!


Thank you Serena for showing a side of Lena that I didn't know I wanted. Charming, funny, teasing, conflicted and downright sexy. This is the best Lena I have yet seen. And Emma is excellent taking the lead. A really charming, sexy scene, and it needs to be followed, definitely a part 2 and 3.


Love the acting, mostly love the story. Loved seeing Serena, but honestly don't understand that part of the video. This is the most comfortable I've seen Emma acting, and the rapport with Lena was lovely. The opening sequence was hard for me watch because of shifting camera angles, shaky camera technique, and odd changes in focus, the tilting of the camera. I don't get why we're watching them making love from behind the box of plants in one part, or why the first image of Lena has to be so blurred. It feels deliberately done but not artistically done. Am I supposed to get that she doesn't know who she is by all these breezy shots? It doesn't seem the point. Eventually, the odd camera angles mostly calmed down and tilting mostly stopped, but the tilting, odd focusing, and strange angles had me dizzy and uncomfortable. But then the stationary shot with Emma on top of Lena seemed static, and the long shots of Emma from the far side of the couch still felt deliberately distorted, which is unfortunate given her striking beauty. They felt like the camera should have been comfortably closer, as the distance enhanced the camera shake and the shallow field of focus. It doesn't all have to be glam shots, or ordinary straight shots, but it should be coherent for the story and the overarching artistic vision. The camera work feels like an intrusion on both. I wish I could be more upbeat about this. It worked better in "The Adjudicator," but that called for dislocation and techniques from film noir, thrillers, and bdsm. Here it doesn't feel like it's leading to the heartwarming erotic love of first-time lesbian sex. It feels like imposition of technique on a fun and sexy story. I'm sincere in wanting to give useful feedback.


This one was really cute. I loved the tone. I was very happy to see Serena in front of the camera this time. Next time I'll be even happier if she is naked in front of the camera. But if all we get from her are dad jokes that's fine too. Lena was phenomenal too. I hope to see her much more on this site, hopefully with Carter Cruise. And I'm still praying for the Serena x Carter rematch.


Hope you guys love this scene as much as I did directing it! I thought Emma and Lena were perfect performers. Lena even made the comment during production that she felt "a little too seen". This one was a real gay agenda pusher. 😏🌈


Funny and sweet. <3


Great casting!!!!!


LENA AND EMMA, are both great actors 'and' hot. I'm not familiar with Lena Paul, but I know I want to be. Please shoot more Lena! FUNNY scene, Serena is a talented writer and I enjoyed the hell out of seeing her make a cameo. I notice the voting is different now. I can't give stars but only thumbs up or down, and so I give it a thumbs up or four stars out of five, my only suggestion is to improve camera shakes. Maybe try out a tripod please.


A wonderful piece of erotic whimsy with a really cute cameo from writer/director, Serena Blair.


I wish there was more of Lena being worshipped, like Lena sitting on Emma’s face.

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