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Do You Want Me?

Runtime: 52:57 | Added: 12/02/2018 | Featuring: Kenna James, Serena Blair

Categories: Facesitting, Romance, Stockings/Pantyhose, Tribadism

Video Description:

Synopsis: Kenna James tries to fight her feelings for her long-time friend and roommate, Serena Blair. Serena's had enough of Kenna's push to find a soul-mate through terrible blind dates, and Kenna takes Serena out to a nightclub as a means to make amends. Kenna lets her guard down after the nightclub and lets her interest be known to Serena. The next evening Serena and Kenna can't repress their feelings for one another. Kenna confesses her love but will Serena trust to give herself to an indecisive woman? Kenna's eyes are watery, her heart is heavy, and her lip quivers, "please, will you love me?"



Piquant. Sublime. Pure. Thank you for this.


Hope other companies take note of this scene-great example of the chemistry of these two beauties when they work together, but also how to write a brilliant story and show brilliant hot sex


This is the best porn featurette I've ever watched. A beautiful, compelling story with two beautiful and talented actresses, and hot, sensual sex. Add in the high production values and this becomes a perfect example of just how good the genre can be in the hands of a skilled crew. There's just so much to praise on this one but I'd like to mention how wonderful the post sex conversation was.It felt genuine, a perfect outgrowth of the plot and characters. Not many sites bother with putting that much attention to what comes after the orgasms, you're to be commended.


This is what I have always wanted in porn. The chemistry between both actors feels so authentic and it translates clearly in this film. Seeing films made like this is a testament to how much porn is changing and how queer women are being considered when producing work. This makes us happy and there aren't enough ways to say thank you. Please more of Serena and Kenna. I hadn't experienced much of Kenna before this site and I am glad I have had this opportunity. Serena is an absolute star and takes every scene to the next level. She has absolutely demolished the idea that porn isn't about the acting. Keep up the amazing work, it is absolutely welcomed!


I'm new to this site, still I've watched several scenes. I've decided these two are my favorites. They are beautiful, talented, and just light up the screen with sexiness. Hope to see more from them. Would find it sexy if Serena played a reluctant straight girl and Kenna was a bit if a scheming seducer...


The greatest gg scene I ever seen!!! I join the membership for this. Cannot help but fell in love with Serena and Kenna!


First video I got to see signing up. And I loved it! Also loved the outtakes. Wonderful to see the behind the scenes of filming, even in adult films!


Great scene. Super well done. Question: can one submit story ideas? I have one in mind centering around doppelgangers. I'm thinking that Kenna James and Scarlett Sage would be ideal for this idea.


Beautiful. Kenna is improving her actress skills in an amazing way! I have found the story realistic and very enjoyable. More romantic stories like that one, please!


So glad to see this getting such a positive response. Kenna and I had a blast working together. The laughs were nonstop and the chemistry was real. I loved having the opportunity to act out such an emotionally complex character and Kenna's performance made mine just that much better. Can't wait for you all to see our other scenes!


Wow this was a mainstream movie with 2 fantastic actresses intense passion a real Grand Slam homer,and both ladies know their way around downstairs!!!!


So glad you guys love this scene! I loved working with these ladies and can't wait to work with them again. They're talented, beautiful, but also very easy to work with. Make sure you check out their outtakes at the end, they are so fun! Thank you all for the kind words. I appreciate you. ~Missa


Wow this seemed like a mainstream movie.A great story with intense passion.This was a grand slam home run!!!!!!


Another masterpiece in female erotica. MissaX, you continue to astound me with your beautifully crafted sapphic tales of erotica. From the razor sharp writing to the expertly captured direction it all just comes together so nicely. Thank you as well for bring us these two beautiful and talented women. I have been a huge fan of Kenna for awhile now and to finally see her here is so exciting. Her stunning beauty is second only to her brilliant talents as an actress, her character's honest communication of emotional vulnerability was breathtaking. As for Serena, wow, I think I have discovered my new favorite actress. She is amazing! First off, her natural line delivery and screen presence is stellar, secondly her gorgeous eye communication, character transitions and juxtaposition brought me to tears and should taught in schools. Of course I would be deeply amiss if I failed to mention Serena's sheer mind-blowing outward appearance, her body is pure poetry. MissaX, thank you so much for creating this beautiful site that focuses so much on building character relationships and giving us something to emotional invest in, which in turn makes the sex so much more intimate, tender and compassionate. This is the best sapphic site and you MissaX continue your reign as the modern day Sappho. May your beautiful revolution never end and thank you for bring us along.


Terrific dialogue and fine performances from both actresses. I was almost sorry to see the backstory end and the sex begin. Almost.


Kenna really shines here, sustaining a complex storyline before the hook up starts. She is absolutely believable, and is funny, thoughtful and beautifully [edit] effortlessly. Such a great pairing and their finally coming together is beautiful. Serena of course is excellent and handles the move from nerd to lover beautifully.


Absolutely wonderful. Kenna and Serena are such a inspired teaming that's it hard to belive that they haven't worked together before (or are not a couple in real life) . Their contrasting looks and personalities work in perfect counterpoint together in their comic scenes, their dramatic scenes and in the bedroom. Great dialogue and direction that really pulled me into the story. I found myself really rooting for those two to become a couple.


so great ,i would love to see the sex from two women who love each other !!!

LennBeng / Lenny

Thank you for another masterpiece. I love your way of telling interesting and exciting stories. Kenna and Serena are excellent actresses. Well done girls


This was fantastic! Serena and Kenna are amazing actresses.

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