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The Governess: Deception

Runtime: 32:38 | Added: 06/27/2018 | Featuring: Jill Kassidy, Whitney Wright

Categories: Dude Alert, Homewrecker, Religious, Romance, Stockings/Pantyhose, Tribadism

Video Description:

Jill White has called the Governess agency for a brand new teacher. She carefully selected the highest educated, the most professional governess hoping to find the oldest, the most dowdy, unappealingly strict teacher they could send. Her husband, Chad, had an affair with the last governess and the Whites are seeing a therapist to get past his betrayal. She knows if she chooses the most over-qualified governess, she'd certainly be sharing her home with a grandmother-type and Chad will not be tempted to stray for an elderly woman. *ding-dong* The door bell rings and Jill hurries Chad out the back door, "you've got to go now, she's here!"

Jill opens the door to see the most stunning brunette woman with sparkling blue eyes staring back at her. "Uh.. hi," she extends her hand to greet the governess; searching her mind for a way to end the interview before it starts. Whitney properly introduces herself, she carries a bible and a rosary in her hand. The women sit down for an interview and Jill quickly declines Whitney the job in the most respectful and honest way that she can, "you're not a good fit for us." Whitney believes it must be because of her religion, but isn't the White Family also Catholic? Jill awkwardly confessed the reason Whitney can't be the governess is because she is so beautiful. Whitney tries her best to win Jill with her modesty, her qualifications, and also by telling her that she is a nun, "I'm Sister Wright."

Jill is suspicious, "but you don't wear a habit?"
Whitney, "Not all nuns wear habits, it's 2018."
Jill considers she must be right, after all, she hasn't seen a nun wear a habit since she was in school.
Whitney continues, "My order has sent me and six other women from the agency to be governesses. It's my dream to educate and empower a young life, just as Sisters of Mercy did for me when I was around little Johnny age."
Jill pauses in contemplation for a second, "it's not your fault that you're beautiful. I mean, it sounds so silly. My husband, Chad, had an affair with our last governess. It may sounds a little selfish, but I do hope you were not as beautiful as you are."
Whitney gasps, "That must've been so hard for you, I can't imagine. I'm so sorry."
"It's ok, we're in counseling."
"I can assure you that Chad would not tempt me to sin even if I wasn't a nun."
Jill scrunches your brow, "you've met him?"
Whitney laughs, "no but he is a man. I will confess to you that I had a insatiable and sinful lust for women before God spoke to me and showed me the path."
Jill is shocked, "you were a lesbian?"
Whitney nods and looks down wondering if she had over-shared.
Jill clears her throat, "You know, I was being so selfish and silly before. Of course you can have the job if you want it."
"Oh thank you," she is overcome with excitement, she can barely sit still.
Jill sweetly extends her arms, "can I have a hug?"
Before Whitney can accept, Jill throws her arms around Whitney, "you're family now."
Whitney gushes with gratitude, "thank you."
"I can show you to your room, if you'd like to stay with us?"
Whitney nods, "I would be honored to stay in your beautiful home."

Watch the story unfold..



Absolutely love Whitney and everything she does! This is another great WR scene. I have to say, that the way this site films the tribbing scenes, is second to none! Other site never get it quite right, with legs in the way, and not being able to see, the sound of wet pussy on wet pussy, and the close ups you get, are just magnificent and always send me over the edge....this one is no exception!


whitney took a big risk tempting the lady of the house after wanting the governess job so very much. luckily for us jill was open to some 'pay back' with this beautiful girl resting in her home. this hurting wife may take trusting refuge in her nurturing nuance, relief or detour?


Hi Missa, I see you respond to comments. Love the characters portrayed here and the story line. Whitney's eyes haunt me and I never get to see Jill enough in girl/girl content. We are so much like little sponges growing up that we are influenced very easily by all kinds of input. I don't approve of using religion to manipulate others but understand the struggle in grasping beauty.... after's beauty and it screams to be acknowledged by all! That's my struggle, period!


Thank you @balmoral. I love working with Jill, this was the second time I got to do so. I'm glad you enjoyed our scene. :) And thank you to you too, @LinaLove. Jill is a great actress and great performer.


I miss fangs and futa- eat spicy food before you go to sleep and dream something up :)


You are the second person today who has requested futa, wow! I appreciate your vote. I'll write something for my next girl/girl project. Thank you.


I may be biased because I am a long-term Missa fan, maybe I've used to her dropping religious references of some kind in every single scene. I liked this video, but my favorite genre is straight taboo romance, or cheating wife storylines.


Thanks for reply missa...the religion was established early on and i just thought the continued references once they got in bed was perhaps a bit mocking of religion...was perfect when she reading porn being hid by bible and that could have been the end of it... very taboo and incredibly erotic.. but as usual the sex was off the charts and and just another fantastic story line.... cant say it enough just luv your talent


Okay... I saw the trailer of the sequel... It's going to be a B/G scene... Much more power in the scene more evilness... Why is this always going on in B /G scenes??? My enthusiasm is over for now... It's like everywhere ...


The next girl-girl scene is a two-part series as well, but all girl-girl. "The Governess," has been written so that you can enjoy the story as a whole, no matter that the second part is written with Chad involved. I dream in stories and sometimes they are all girl-girl, but sometimes a male character is involved. I can promise that a REAL penis is never going to happen on this site. I think it's very interesting that some of my female customers on this site (you are not alone), do not like a male in the scene at all. I suppose, I am only guessing, that they would prefer to fantasize about REAL lesbian couples, or a striaght girl that gets converted to being lesbian, or any story that ends in a strict girl-girl only relationship. I can think more on this and how I can write more stories to satisfy you, and customers that have like-minded views. When you say "my enthusiasm is over for mow, it's like everwhere." I believe you're saying that my work is ordinary to you now? That makes me sad to hear, especially since my work is my life. There is no company that owns me, there is just me, writer AND producer combined. I believe my independence is part of the reason I am happy to devote so much of me into the product, because it's fully mine. I don't know much about any other sites, I don't watch other work because I like to remain as unique as possible, but I hope that the love and work that goes into all my stories is noticed. If you want to peddle back in time with me in 2012 all the way through 2015? I was making almost 100% custom paid videos. I didn't feel as if I had much of a voice in my work. I paired back on custom paid videos and found little shreds of happiness and pride within my work. I kept paring back custom paid videos until I told my MissaX customers "only suggestions, please." I found my voice within my films, my audience grew, and more importantly, my happiness grew. I have to be allowed to fantasize, no matter if the second part is a boy/girl scene. I dream and write and feel joy in my work, and I want everyone to know that both sites have "all my love."


Hello everybody! I'm also out on the topic of religion because it's not a turn on for me. Nuns, sisters, bible and so on leave me cold. But that's just my opinion and I respect everyone who finds this topic interesting!! What annoys me on a G/G site is when men are in the scene. No matter how I don´t want to see them. In the end, being dismissed with the feeling that Whitney has dolled up for this guy isn´t nice. This is also a turn off for me. Finally a big compliment to the actresses for the great acting and for the sex. The film quality is as always top class! I really like that a lot! Please keep it up with this quality!! Lina


Whitney is the perfect seductress and the sex was so erotic...Jill payed her part very well as straight curious wife..good acting by both... i do feel the religion was way over done and i it would have even been hotter without bringing god up so sexy at the end with Whitney all dolled up for Chad but then was disappointed with the bible being dropped ...just a turn-off for me anyway


I wanted to hint to the viewer several times in the story that Whitney's character as the 'religious governess' was an imposter, and the book drop at the end was a dead give away (and a great way for us to have Chad notice something was amiss in his home when he returned from work). Religion in sex scenes is definitely polarizing and I appreciate when the customer allows us to touch on that taboo topic every now and again. I promise it won't go as extreme as "the governess" with Whitney more than a few times per year. Without delving in too deeply into my own life, I can tell you that religion has played a huge part in my life, and as a consequence, I'll end up using religious references in my stories. I appreciate your input! Thank you for taking the time to write. Your opinion matters.

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