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The Path To Forgiveness pt. 1

Runtime: 54:45 | Added: 10/15/2019 | Featuring: Cadence Lux, Daisy Taylor, Joanna Angel, Kenzie Reeves, Kira Noir, Scarlett Sage, Serena Blair, Whitney Wright

Categories: Dude Alert, Facesitting, Religious, Romance, Taboo, Tribadism

Video Description:

Hayley (Cadence Lux) thinks she's going to a music festival.  She starts to suspect something is wrong when her mother (London River) takes a turn off the highway, and then into a facility called "Women for Wholeness."  She sees Mothers Sarah and Lauren (Joanna Angel and Serena Blair) in modest long black gowns, her girlfriend (Kira Noir) seems to be in cahoots with the women, as she steps behind them.  Her mother informs her that she is being admitted, "to recognize God's love." A large man in overalls (Stef Onzo) is keeping a close eye on Hayley, and when she strongly objects, he picks her up and drops her on the tile floor.
Mother Sarah exudes strict dominance, there is no way out of this situation.  Every state holds their own jurisdiction, and in Utah, you can be committed if you are a threat to your own safety or others.  And by threat, she means endangering the souls of others by thinking her sin is natural.  Hayley meets the other young women in the facility: Christina (Scarlett Sage), Victoria (Daisy Taylor), Claire (Kenzie Reeves), and sisters Mallory and Valerie (Whitney Wright).  The journey on the path to forgiveness is full of romance, repression, drama, and sex.



Wow, thank you for including a transgirl, whitney wright. I hope you will make many more with transgirls. Do you know when the other episodes will be released?


Congratulations Whitney in my book you made the best piece of lesbian erotica so far. Scarlett and Serena are mind-boggling, their love-making is so intense, the ferocious kissing (OMFG!), the licking, the sucking and especially the scissoring are so insanely good, the entire scene literally blew me away! Stuff to watch over and over again. I loved the rubbing with the cross, fantastic idea, Whitney! Cannot wait for the next episodes!


Thank you everyone for all of the wonderful compliments on this! I'm very proud of it and looking forward to seeing how you enjoyed the rest of it! :)


Would love to watch all of it. Stream always breaking


One word: homerun. Love the cast, interesting to see a trans woman on this site.


Loved it! The storyline might have been done before but it’s beautifully written and wonderfully acted. The lesbian sex scene was superb, so sexy but never sordid! Looking forward to seeing part 2 of I’ve heard 5 episodes. Is that true? Thank you once again


Im all about the story lines here on Allherluv/MissaX videos mostly because variety is valued. Having said that, the whole anti-gay thing is becoming a trope now since I've seen it done again and again. We get it, conversion therapy, as well as the camps themselves, are immoral and frankly should be illegal. I expected better from a artistry perspective.


Serena, YES! That was fucking hot. I cant wait to see the rest of the series.


P.S. The passionate kissing and through-the-clothes sex was so hot!


Whitney, thank you! Love the set up and sex! It’s so compelling when the story and acting pulls you in and builds toward the amazingly satisfying sex. You did it again, and compliments to the Serena and Scarlett for their great acting and hot sex! Can’t wait for the next episode.


Wow, that was amazing! Scarlett and Serena are two of my favorites. I'm really looking forward to the subsequent episodes. Hoping that Joanna and Cadence do a scene together!


Only in America!Congrats to Whitney and all the cast on another winner for this great site.Looking forward to the rest of the story.p.s.neat ad for Adelaide.


I would have to say I am so loving this site... I love the face that performers/actress are encouraged to write and direct scenes... having the two great icons like Serena and Whitney giving us all a lil look into their wonderful minds... Whitney so cant wait for the other parts to this story on the edge of my seat waiting for more❤🧡💛💚💙💜


This story has a lot of potential, the cast is insane, and this was one hell of a start. Can't wait for the rest.


Serena is a Lesbian porn genius.Seeing Serena and Scarlett together mark another notch off my bucket list.Two lesbian superstars together spectacular,please hurry part two!!!!!!!!!!!


Serena was genius in both acting a girlgame This was a dream come true to see Scarlett and Serena two members of the lesbian Mt rushmore. Seeing Scarlett stripped down with very little makeup and wild hair showed her greatness once again.Counting the minutes to part two!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you ferris82! And yes there is more to come! ;) You're going to love them all!


Whitney I have never seen you look so gorgeous ....much to find out how this all shakes out....but I see it will be interesting so many moving parts in this story......must be a novel?

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