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The Work Party pt. 1

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35:04 | Added: 12/23/2022 | Featuring: Jayden Cole, Kyler Quinn

Categories: Tribadism

Video Description:

Kyler (Quinn) and Jayden (Cole) leave the party and head upstairs for a bedroom, where they gossip about their co-workers and their families.

"Honestly, I'm so happy that I have you. Work would be horrible -I could die if you weren't here", Kyler declares. "It's essential to have a buddy at work. Otherwise life's just not worth living", Jayden enthuses. They both complain about office parties and the obligation to attend. "It's just different -before the internet every man had a wife at home to do the dishes and the laundry", Jayden jokes. "I'd be a horrible housewife", Kyler admits. "I think I would make an awesome 1950s housewife. I have the bone structure and the baking skills", Jayden counters.

"Besides, that generation had their little extra oomph, little 'dolls' they called them?", Jayden notes. "Little dolls?", Kyler asks quizzically. "Yeah, haven't you seen any of those old movies?", Jayden wonders. "No, honestly I don't think I've ever seen a movie before the year 2000", Kyler laughs. "Well, they had these little pills -they used to call them dolls. All of our grandparents were total pillheads", Jayden explains. "Not my grandma", Kyler says. "She was a model, for a little bit. And I did find these letters -I think she might have been a lesbian", Kyler whispers, confidentially. Jayden laughs heartily, and says: "Do you think that's maybe genetic?".

Kyler reacts nervously, mumbling: "I'm not a...", and Jayden apologizes: "Oh, I'm sorry. I think I've just been reading some signals. But it's okay -I like just being your friend". Jayden lightly runs her finger down Kyler's thigh, when they're suddenly interrupted by a loud noise from the party downstairs -someone's opened the door to exit. The girls rush into the adjoining bathroom to hide, and listen at the door for signs of life. After a while, Jayden whispers: "Okay, I think they're gone", and they head back into the bedroom.

"That was close. We should probably head back to the party", Jayden suggests. "What made you think I was...", Kyler begins. "I didn't mean to make it weird between us. I like just being your friend", Jayden says diplomatically. "I really want to know", Kyler insists. "Picking up on a vibe, a spark, you know", Jayden responds. "I honestly thought about it -being with a woman", Kyler confesses. As Jayden rubs Kyler's leg, Kyler says "I just don't know how". "You're so sweet -talking about your grandma, not knowing how girls hook up", Jayden says. "I know how they hook up. I just don't know how to make the first move", Kyler contends.

Jayden slowly leans over and kisses Kyler on the lips. They both giggle, and Kyler admits: "That was nice". "Do you want to try it again?", Jayden asks. "What about the party?", Kyler worries. "Do you really care about what those losers at the party think?", Jayden inquires. "No, but what if it makes things weird between us? You're my best friend", Kyler wonders. "I'm not gonna let it become weird between us", Jayden asserts. They kiss again, over and over, and Kyler says: "I can't believe this is happening". "I take back everything bad I said about work parties", Jayden exclaims, and kisses Kyler lustily. Watch the romance unfold...

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