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Another Life II pt.2

Runtime: 45:01 | Added: 02/01/2020 | Featuring: Avi Love, Eliza Ibarra, Scarlett Sage

Categories: Dude Alert, Romance

Video Description:

Avi is visited by her guardian angel and is given the opportunity of a lifetime, to travel back in time to that vital point in her life when Scarlett broke up with her at the Blue Martini.  Instead of letting Scarlett leave, she follows her, she will not let Scarlett go this time.  She pleads with Scarlett to give her another chance, and Scarlett accepts her with a kiss.  The two women make passionate love, and Avi is filled with gratitude for her second chance.



I love the hot, flirtatious transactional sex in part I, and I especially love the sweet romance in the do-over life in part II. Charlotte is stunning and cool-headed, Eliza is such a hot flirt, and Avi and Scarlett are sweet, romantic, and sexy. Wonderful.


Two of my preferred girls together in a passionate lesbian affair! I'm spoiled! Beautiful movie!


I thought I was past the point of ever developing a crush on a pornstar again, but Avi Love with air-drying hair got me right in the feels.


This was overwhelmingly beautiful. The writing was nuanced and so intricate. I loved the slow but steady buildup. The warm lighting made the scene even more sensual. I have a question: do the performers do their own makeup or do you all use a makeup artist? I loved their minimal makeup. During the closeups I liked that you could see their makeup like the shimmer in Avi’s eyeshadow. Avi and Scarlett looked so pretty.


Whitney behind the scenes strikes again!!!! First you can never go wrong with Scarlett she is #1 in my lesbian power rankings but the connection between Avi and Scarlett was intense,not quite as powerful a scene as the Scarlett/Alex Coal classic but still a 10,"A path to forgiveness" was a ultra rare 11.I also loved the minimal makeup and the wet a wild hair.Once again that's why lesbian porn is Sooooo much better than straight,acting pace and chemistry you just don't see that in BG


I'm just blown away by how beautiful Avi is. A sexy brunette is my weakness. This scene was very touching and the story had me almost tearing up.I said almost!Missa please keep the deep and powerful stories coming.You have a way of making me forget that this is an adult site when the stories are better than any Lifetime weekly drama.Acknowledgment to Scarlett as well.I'm never disappointed with her scenes.Brilliant scene all around.👏👏👏👏


i always knew that god was a woman.


Mind. blowing. awesome.


Forgot to add was so impressed with Eliza acting skills in both episodes in addition to Avi and Scarlette...i would think that this site is much more fun and challenging to all girls


Been with allherluv since day one and this was some incredible acting for sure one of the best i have builds to a near tear jerker at the 13 min mark...ya i know i can be very soft...then the way Avi went after her pussy was sooooo sensual and sexy with a most definite real to it much like we all have done when you love someone...just pure bliss when you look at her eyes as her tongue slowly works on her like it is ..well someone she is very very much in luv really is amazing when you see two people that are going at it and do not seem to be acting.....very hard to find the chemistry in a movie like was shone here....i luv Scarlett but sometimes she can over do the moaning etc but in this movie it was like there were no cameras and we watched two beautiful women make luv....Avi i am madly in luv with your bush never shave it...have to add that Whitney has a real talent on the background music she uses it really does have major impact on the scene

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