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Crash pt.2

Runtime: 32:49 | Added: 10/03/2018 | Featuring: Kristen Scott, Scarlett Sage

Categories: Facesitting, Romance

Video Description:

Synopsis: Scarlett has promised to pay damages for Kristen's car, and volunteered to steal from her boss to accomplish it. Her actions conflict with the promise she made to herself to change her life, to start over in a rural town, to be a better person for herself and her son. Kristen's cold sexuality hooks Scarlett in. Scarlett is drawn to Kristen like a moth to a flame and she feels weak. Will Scarlett allow herself to be drawn in? Is Kristen's sexuality powerful enough to break her newfound morality?





amazing. Don't know what else to say. Amaze more.


We need a part 3 please!


The phone call par is epic! I have rarely seen so much sensual tension in a porn movie. Congratulations to the performers and the director!!! Hope in more Scarlett/Krysten scenes!


Wow, both parts of this were great! I loved how evil and manipulative Kristen's character was and how Scarlett kind of hated her but also couldn't resist her. Have you seen the show Shut Eye? KaDee Strickland plays a married woman who has an affair with a con artist played by Emmanuelle Chriqui and their relationship has a similar dynamic. I've always wanted to see something like that but with explicit sex and you've done it!


Like Scarlett, these two videos bewitched me.


I loved how Kristen controlled Scarlet, I loved how Scarlet deep down enjoyed being dominated by Kristen, and I especially loved how beautiful and erotic it was to see Kristen ride Scarlet's face. And the way Kristen stripped down and then placed her pussy over Scarlet's face was incredibly hot. Facesitting is one of the most intimate and erotic acts that two women can enjoy. I watched this with a friend, and we think the side views and front views of Kristen riding Scarlet's face - where you can actually see Kristen's pubic hair brushing all over Scarlet's open mouth - were the most exciting camera angles. Please Allherluv - more facesitting scenes like this.


So happy i waited for part2 to be released before watching. because it was awesome.. Once again The chemistry between Kris and Scarlett is just phenomenal!!! And these updates just keep getting better..


What a wonderful continuation of this erotic tale. Kristen's character's darkly disturbing yet some how poignant manipulation is so well written and truly expertly performed by Kristen, she enthralled me from beginning to end. Scarlett's character was so vulnerable and heartbreaking and her subtle eye communication should be taught in schools her character as well was perfectly written and performed. The electricity between these two beautiful women could run the eastern seaboard, the phone sex sequence alone was one of the most deeply erotic sequences I've seen and when listening through headphones is truly an out of body experience. Thank you MissaX for always taking your time with these films, giving the actresses time with each other and not just "drop panties sex", so many Girl on Girl sites out there just get into the sex way too fast there is hardly any kissing or fondling and forget about foreplay its just "drop panties sex". It is so evident that you cherish these talented performers and believe so deeply in this gorgeous site, I just want more people to know about it and enjoy it.


This is crazy, frighteningly erotic! The story honestly succeeds because it ultimately transcends the devious coercion and maddening manipulation that could really harm the character Scarlett plays and resolves into a passionate love story in which each character is utterly smitten by the other. The character Kristen plays has a streak of evil, but it plays out into a tender consumption of passion. Very hot! Very remarkable story!


Man, oh man! What a hot scene. These two are are lovely. It was so sexy when Kristen was riding Scarlett’s face! Thank you very much and keep up the tremendous work.

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