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Runtime: 41:46 | Added: 04/01/2019 | Featuring: Bree Daniels, Kristen Scott

Categories: Dude Alert, Fetish, Futanari, Romance, Toys

Video Description:

Synopsis: Bree Daniels has been in her bed for weeks, she hasn't left her house, she's been shutting out the world while she heals from her break up. She's always known she was different, and she had to hide her condition. The only people who have ever known about it was her mother and her fiance, and now her fiance is gone.
She tosses and turns in bed as his words ring in her ears, "I can't love you. I don't even know what you are." Her phone rings and wakes her, she answers to hear her best friend's voice, "I'm coming over," Kristen Scott says. Before Bree can make up an excuse Kristen is walking in her front door. Bree feels a twinge inside of her, she needs to keep herself together. Kristen can not know who she is, 'what' she is. Watch the story unfold..



This movie is HOT!!! Could have done without the guy, though. But Kristen and Bree were on fire. Call me crazy but it had me believing that Bree really had a cock. The whole scene was brilliant. I loved the foreplay and the reveal and the sex afterwards. At the end when Kristen told Bree that she wanted to make her cum again I was hoping that the scene would continue. When it ended I was searching for Crush 2 but there isn't one. Any thoughts on making a Crush 2?


Is there any chance we might be able to have access to all the past Allherluv Futanari videos from the years gone by?


Just a quick response to Missa's "Would you like to see trans girls on the site?" question below: Yes, please :) Representation is always nice :) Just try to be respectful, please. All to often, at least to my knowledge, we're depicted as fetishes in porn, not as human beings with human emotions. Based on the small amount of Missa's videos I've actually seen, it seems like she's actually interested in adding romance to porn. Romantic trans porn is all to rare, and it would be a nice addition. I may be taking this a bit too serious, but trans people are damn near invisible in media over all, especially in the mainstream. When we're actually acknowledged and depicted in the public discourse, the representation is far from perfect. For example, trans roles in movies are usually played by cis actors, and bigots are given a bigger megaphone in debates than actual trans people. Porn is, and this is really sad, one of the very few places where trans people are actually allowed to, you know, exist. I understand if you don't want to take on the responsibility, but please, don't let money and people who're "not into it" be the reason why you don't include trans people. This website have plenty of videos these people can watch instead, if they don't want to watch trans people. Thanks for your time :)


The scene is sweet but does the futa dick really need to make those sounds when its growing?


As uncomfortable as this scene do they get a boner to look that realistic?!?! We know Bree is a real girl but it looks so real.... (how/why did her mom set her up with a guy when she has this condition*)


Anything that involves Kristen Scottis a instant download for me. But this was better than I thought the scene was really hot and a story was beautifully


I really enjoyed this!Kristen's initial reaction to Bree's condition was priceless. Great performances from these two beauties. Keep up the excellent work MissaX!


I would certainly look at a scene with a feminine trans performer, but would not want this to become as regular or frequent feature. By the way, I forgot to add in my first cmment on this scene that the issue that Bree faces is not about being trans, but intersex. She identifies as woman who has a most unusual abnormality (maybe I shouldn't use that word) that she has to deal with in her relationships with other women.


This took me some time to get used to, after the intial disappointment that we were not going to see Bree receiving the pleasure. But this is a really interesting take on the idea that sexualities can combine in different ways, and the debate about trans v lesbian. Bree's performance is wonderful - her deeply hidden shame about her 'condition' and her fear of exposure. The fact that she overcomes the fear over time is a really positive note, and she shows whis with extraordinary sensitivity. Kristen is a little bit OTT at times, but overall she creates a sold context for Bree's journey. .


I have mixed feelings about having trans girls on the site. I love this site for a lot of reasons, but what brought me here initially is that it’s all girls. Even with the futa stuff, it’s still all girls, and I know that, and somehow it makes a difference. Seeing a beautiful performer like Bree sporting a fantasy cock is somehow really different in my brain from seeing a trans performer with a real one. Typically, real dicks just don’t get me going. I’ve seen a few exceptions. For example, there’s a really hot scene out there featuring the extremely beautiful and feminine trans performer Chanel Santini and Kleio Valentien. I’m not sure why, but I find that scene to be incredibly hot. Maybe it’s because she is so feminine, or because of the “Big Bad Wolf” fantasy storyline. One thing I can say for sure is that I have no interest at all in seeing “dude on trans” or “trans on trans” performances, which I’m sure you wouldn’t do anyway. Nothing kills my interest faster than seeing a trans performer taking a dick in the ass. Having said all that, your track record is excellent, and I would definitely give a chance to any scene you created featuring a trans girl.


Hi WavyDavy, thanks for you input. I'd love to hire on a trans girl who is ultra-femme, so many of the trans girls are just beautiful. I could try it as a bonus update, but not as a regular update. I am surprised that although the futa scenes I produce have their fans, there are so many who silently downvote the scene. This means they're just "not into it." I want to bring you, the members, content that you WANT. I'll have to invest extra to make it happen and not inconvenience anyone's update.


That was really heartwarming. So sweet.


Thank you all. Would you like to see trans girls on the site?


I am not a fan of most futanari that I’ve seen, but every one of the MissaX futa scenes is hot! This one is no exception. I hate the scenes that feature obviously fake, gigantic dicks and substandard, if any, production values or stories. The MissaX futa scenes are always fresh, original and smoking hot. I was actually hoping there would be a new one soon, and here it is. Well done once again, MissaX, Bree and Kristen. Love this scene! If they are all this good, you have my vote for more futa!


Personally, I'm not too big on the whole Futa thing, but I still appreciate the work done here. Kristen and Bree were typically wonderful, and it was well written and directed. Someone complained about there being too many romance scenes, which I guess is a fair point, variety is always a good thing, but it's always done so well here. You often establish that deep longing, one that's more than just physical attraction, that the women have for each other that makes the scenes so much better.


this is awesome!! as I said n twitter, I've fucked trans girls, but if they were as hot as Bree, id let her cum in my mouth any day, my only complaint is Bree didn't fuck Kris n that cute butt of hers!. Brava MissaX, this was hot and bold!!

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