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Please Teach Me ep. 2

Runtime: 30:21 | Added: 02/28/2022 | Featuring: Charlotte Stokely, Madi Collins

Categories: College, Facesitting, Older/Younger

Video Description:

Lisa (Madi Collins) comes to the office of her teacher (Charlotte Stokely). "Sorry to bother you. I just wanted to talk to you about my grade", Lisa says, handing over her paper. "Oh, I see you're in my film history course", her teacher says. "Yeah, it wasn't just an elective course, it was my favorite course", Lisa says. "I was wondering, if there was any way I could make that grade higher?", the student asks.

"I just can't do that", teacher states, handing back the paper. "Okay, I'm just on a scholarship, so if I don't keep my grades up I lose it", Lisa says. "Can't your parents help you out or something?", teacher counters. ""Not really. I've kinda been on my own for as long as I can remember". "Well look, I take a lot of pride in my work, and I can't just change your grade. I need to know you understand", teacher insists. "Oh yeah, I mean I never would want to make it seem like I don't recognize the pride you take in your work. Is there anything I could do to build this up?", Lisa pleads. "Not here", teacher says bluntly.

"Not here?", Lisa asks quizzically. "College is really difficult for a lot of people -for everyone. Some students need a little extra guidance. But I can tell you're a really smart girl", teacher states. "Thank you", Lisa says shyly. "So why don't you come over to my place tonight?", teacher offers. "Your place?". "Well, we can't do it here", teacher answers euphemistically, writing down her address. "Just stay for a bit", teacher explains. "Yeah, whatever it takes", Lisa agrees. "See you at my place at seven". "Okay, I'll see you then", Lisa says.

That evening, teacher leads Lisa to her bedroom. "Wow, you have a really nice house", she enthuses. "Thank you. I'm glad you're here on time", teacher says. "Yeah, I just wanted to show you how prompt and serious I am about this. So what are we going to do about the grade?", Lisa inquires. "You know I studied your last talk to make sure I had everything down, if you were going to quiz me or anything", she continues.

"College isn't a game show", teacher says sarcastically. "Well, I really want to show you I understand what the assignment was", Lisa counters. "Yes, but reciting to me a bunch of dates that you memorized doesn't tell me that you really understand the material", teacher insists. "Well, what do you want me to do?". Teacher runs her fingers through the student's hair and says: "You're so sweet looking, like a farmer's daughter". "Like a farmer's daughter?", Lisa asks incredulously.

"Did you read the novel I assigned?". "I did, but I still don't understand why we're reading a fiction novel in a film class", Lisa notes. "Well, sometimes the film doesn't tell the whole story. Do you remember 'The Red Room'?", teacher asks. "Yeah, she was trapped from the first scene, right?", Lisa asks. "Yeah, and how did she act when she was in there?", teacher inquires. "It was strange. At first she was crying, and in a real panic, and then the punishment was the walls were closing in on her, but the more times she was there she kinda enjoyed it", Lisa answers.

"I think we're getting somewhere. What do you think that meant?", teacher asks. "Well, they never really said it in the book, but she was very close to a friend, too close", Lisa says. "Why would she be punished for being close to someone?", teacher asks. "I think she wasn't married and I don't think she liked men", Lisa says. "Exactly". "That's right?", Lisa asks. "Yes. Back then they couldn't simply write: 'She's a lesbian'. You know now we can be a little more forward about it", teacher explains.

"So I was right", Lisa says proudly. "Yes, of course, just enough to boost your grade", teacher announces. "Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!", Lisa exclaims, hugging her teacher tightly. Teacher says: "Can I ask you a question? Not as a teacher, but as a woman to woman." "Anything", the girl gushes. "How did that scene make you feel?". "Strange at first, but I kind of enjoyed it", Lisa replies. "Have you ever been so close with someone that maybe you shouldn't have been, that cost you something?", teacher asks, as she rubs her finger along Lisa's lower lip.

"Yeah", Lisa says, nodding her head nervously. "Was that with a girl?", teacher inquires, lowering her voice dramatically. Lisa nods Yes. Teacher leans over to kiss her on the lips. "You really like me?". "Of course I do", teacher says. "It's just I haven't done everything, just kissed", Lisa admits. "Well, you're a great kisser, and I think you'll be good at everything else, too", teacher assures her. They kiss again, and Lisa says: "I just want to please you". "You do, Lisa, you do", teacher replies. Watch the story unfold...

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