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Seasons pt. 1

Runtime: 47:15 | Added: 11/24/2019 | Featuring: Angela White, Antonella La Sirena, Giselle Palmer

Categories: Facesitting, Romance, Tribadism

Video Description:

A sickness can take a toll on a relationship in ways that no one can predict.  That's what happened with me and my wife, Irene (Angela White).  She buried herself in her work, working long hours, and I know she loves me, I know she didn't know how to cope with the grief of what was happening to me.  My efforts to bring us together only pushed her farther away until I got the call from the doctor.  I wasn't just in remission, the cancer was gone-- it's official!  I tried to bring us together by cooking her favorite meal when she got home from work.  Her sadness was but a shield to protect her from losing me.  We made love, it was honest, passionate love from a woman who loved me more than I could comprehend.  "If you leave, I'm going with you," she told me.  I was overwhelmed by her love, and although I love her, I could not stay with her knowing my presence does her more harm than good.  If I leave her, go back to my previous love, would it be better for her?  Is it a kindness to leave my wife knowing that I could someday become sick again, and what would become of her?  The answer is yes.  I must leave her.



Beautiful scene with a lot of Romance but if the strap-on was there at the end of the scene it would be more erotic and more amazing. Keep up the good work.


I hope to bring more videos of Angela White cuz she is one of the best and a big bonus and will attract many subscriptions.


This was so amazing and beautifully directed by Whitney and well acted and phenomenal performances by Giselle and Angela.


Ok but I’m deeply invested in this storyline like wtf you left ya wife and it Angela fuckin white...I do not approve they better get back together 🤨😤


I cant wait for part 2 is there any date when it might come out?


This was so beautifully crafted. For me, this felt like a movie that just happened to have sex in it rather than porn. Angela and Giselle both showcased their superb acting talent. At times this was very emotional to watch. I loved how the writing for this was so developed and thoughtful. I do have a question: are Giselle and Angela wearing any makeup? It looks like Angela has on mascara, but perhaps nothing else? They both look so natural. I really like and prefer this no make up/minimal look. I think they look so beautiful. It reminds of those 90s Calvin Klein runway shows when models wore very little make up.


It's so good to see Giselle Palmer again. She is one of the best GG performers and has one of the best bodies too.


Thanks for casting Giselle, I think she's so amazing. Angela White can be hit or miss for me but she's fantastic here.


There's a lot of complex emotions coming out of this scene. When there's so much sadness in movie, it makes me wonder if there's going to be a pay off. The payoff here is the loving and incredibly emotional sex. My jaw dropped when Angela said, "if you leave, I'm going with you." It's powerful and romantic. I think we should have had a shot of Giselle right after that line looking uneasy; I think that's why she left. I don't know if I 'like' Giselle's character for leaving, I am hoping that she comes back to Angela in the end.. although I can't wait to see what mischief she's going to get into with Antonella.


Hope Missa is not retiring? I do miss her scenes last couple months


Great job ladies cant wait for pt 2


Yay! so excited for Giselle featurette ;_; she’s a goddess. What a super hot scene OMG *_* and also, literally incredible acting!! how well Giselle and Angela portrayed their emotions gives me chills how is it done so well :3 loved the first part. I can't wait for part 2!


Cant keep saying g this enough, another out if the park great video... and cant wait for more great videos with what you have in that beautiful mind if yours...


Thank you WackyWizard and BraffZacklin! I loved shooting Angela, Giselle, and Antonella for this. I'm glad you guys loved it, and I hope you'll love part 2 as well! Much more to come with Angela. ;) Spent the last two days shooting her with Tommy Pistol (to whom it may concern/ interest) and Skye Blue! :) Really excited for you all to see that story as well.


Another home run, Whitney. You just keep getting better and better. The writing in this is top-notch, actually got a bit hard to watch at times, in a good way, and it led to beautiful, intimate love-making. Super happy you got the already-legendary Angela White and the underrated Giselle Palmer.


So good to finally see Angela White on this site, long overdue in my opinion. She needs to do a scene with Abigail Mac, that would probably set my laptop on fire.

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