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The Producer pt. 1 & pt. 2

Runtime: 01:04:21 | Added: 07/07/2019 | Featuring: Anny Aurora, Cadence Lux, Vera King, Zoe Bloom

Categories: Homewrecker, Stockings/Pantyhose, Tribadism

Video Description:

XBIZ 2020 Nominee - All-Girl Feature of the Year
XBIZ 2020 Nominee - Best Actress - All-Girl - Cadence Lux
AVN 2020 Nominee - Best All-Girl Narrative Production
XBIZ 2020 Nominee - Best Screenplay
XBIZ 2020 Nominee - Best Cinematography
XBIZ 2020 Nominee - Best Editing

Synopsis (Two scenes - Cadence Lux and Vera King, and Anny Aurora, and Zoe Bloom with Cadence Lux):
Vera does not approve of her wife, Cadence's, profession. "It's not a job, you produce (she sneers the word in disgust) 'porn." Cadence defends her job, as she provides for Vera, a grade-school teacher, and her newborn, Albert. There are other problems Vera has with Cadence's chosen "career," she looks at the women in the same way she used to look at her, and Cadence never reaches for Vera. Cadence assures Vera that there is no other woman, and her career is respectable enough to buy their family everything they need. "Please accept me," Cadence begs. Watch the story unfold..



I have always thought story-telling is a supplementary aspect of erotica, if that. AllHerLuv changed my mind. This definitely qualifies as one of those "didn't know I needed that" kind of things. It's like watching heavily episodic TV shows like "Friends" all my life, then suddenly being shown Game of Thrones. I simply didn't know it can be like that. Everyone did a great job here, but I want to especially compliment Cadence. She played that trickiest role: a sympathetic villain. I just want to shake her character until she gets some sense into her head: how can you let your family fall apart over, well, anything? What can be more important than that? Yet how can I not empathize with her frustration? It reminds me of a prayer recited by a character I read in a novel: judge us not according to our trespasses, but according to our temptations.


Thank you for your thoughtful response. I am so glad you like the site, the Producer series, and also Cadence. She's a phenomenal actor and we can't wait to work with her again. Please see 'Producer II,' that is my favorite series with Cadence.




This a great film totally reminds me of me, love it! Jennifer Ashton


It was such an honor shooting for Missa X! Thank you so much for all of the support! It was so lovely having the opportunity to work with such an amazing cast, especially alongside the talented Cadence Lux!




This whole business just got meta.


Great scene


Shiiit...better acting them some CW shows. Ha Ha I'm kidding, but seriously I'll take this over any Lifetime movie. Real Talk.


Absolutely incredible acting by Cadence and Vera. I can't wait to see Cadence get seduced by Anny


Loved the first parts!! So excited for the last part to come out! Had so much fun with two of these beauties ❤️


To see all of these comments makes my heart melt!!!! Thank you to all have supported so far, and to anyone who sees this- I hope you also enjoy it! We all put a lot of love into this one.


This one was excellent. Great work by everyone, quality performances all around, but I had to single someone out, it would be Vera King, really great job. Can't wait to see the next parts.


Totally knocked out by everyone! I knew when I read Cadence as lead in a feature here it would be extraordinary! She's by turns introspective, focused, energetic, certain, and fascinating with every nuance, so beautiful! Vera King is amazing! She brings out the character's desires, love, beauty, and insecurities with subtlety, depth, and emotion. I'm so impressed! Anny is a sexy predator wanting and getting the attention. Zoe is always wonderful here. She's stunningly beautiful and and conveys her character's disconcerted professionalism keeping her erotic fire in a scene gone awry, magnificently holding it together while the others are completely off the wall. Tender, direct, and heated eroticism in both scenes. Emotional depth and power. And a whole other dimension of watching the porn producer shooting a scene she's part of. Just brilliant!


Great job with this scene, powerful emotion. I especially thought Cadence Lux and Vera King were good. I couldn't keep my eyes off of Cadence, fair to say that that woman can act. More Cadence, please.


Uhuu, I loved the heat in those two scenes!! Especially as the situation is getting very tense at the end and how everything will unfold in the next chapters ;) Not spoiling though :P


man so good...just a fantastic story with so many ways that the next chapter can go... and the lovemaking was so realistic ..a spat that leads to intense luv just like we all have experienced...cant wait for so see what this tale brings us

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