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Written In The Stars pt. 1

Runtime: 36:25 | Added: 10/22/2020 | Featuring: Kenna James, Scarlit Scandal

Categories: Homewrecker, Tribadism

Video Description:

Veronica (Kenna James) is making love to her lover, Jezabel (Scarlit Scandal), when her wife calls and interrupts them.   Veronica's been in Los Angeles doing PR for her very first novel while her wife, Melissa (Scarlett Sage), is working hard so that Veronica can make her dreams come true.  Melissa senses something is 'different' with Veronica, but Veronica assures her it's nothing more than writers' block.  She peeks around the corner and sees Jezabel, waiting patiently on the bed, and she ponders how terrible it is that she should feel guilty but all she can think about is rushing her wife off the phone so she can get back to ravaging Jezabel.  Her wife says, "I truly believe in you.  You're the strongest woman I know. . now go and finish that book so we can celebrate!"  Veronica breathes a sigh of relief, "I love you."  Her unassuming wife muses, "I love you too."  Watch the story unfold..





As other commentators have said, it would’ve explained the scene more thoroughly if Kenna and Scarlit had dialogue before they started to have sex. I think it would've added depth. It could be interesting to know about Scarlit’s character and why she is with Kenna. Finally it’s a nice to see a woman of color. I feel as though in many scenes with Black women, in particular, the scenes are rushed, not well thought out and lacking eroticism. Please continue to work with Scarlit (and other women of color too). Overall, I really enjoyed this scene. The lust they had for one another was unmeasurable.


Beautifully shot and extremely hot sex even compared to the hot high standards set by Scarlet Scandal and Kenna James. Also Kenna removing her wedding ring before returning to bed was a nice touch.


This was a great scene, need more like this, please.


Please make more movies, also need more women of color, but the great scene, need more like this.


@otterttail for me Ricky's lighting is excellent, you need shadows to give space to emotion and reflection - and intimacy. It's a balance, for sure, but I would rather have the shadows than too much light, which destroys feeling.


Scarlit is a sensation, she has sown a lot of promise since she came on the scene. It's unusual to see Kenna being dominated in this way, must have been a challenge for her. Did I see some guilt in her performance ? Maybe that's why she let Scarlit take over. Really intrigued to see where this is going. A bit more communication between them would have helped to better locate the relationship - one night stand or established cheating ?


Kenna of course such a pleasure to watch in any scene and so impressed with Scarlit (love the way she spells her name) the cheating element in any scene is so erotic when done the right way and this was set up so well...Scarlit impassiently waiting while Kenna on phone with her wife then she takes her ring off after call as she knows it's wrong but can't hold back her craving....really good stuff and love the little details....but man when the lovemaking starts Ricky please please turn up the lighting hard to see especially the closeups when camera is moving


Wowzers!!! That was passion turned up to 11! Really sexy and raw....have not come across Scarlit before, but she's awesome!! I'm actually lost for words...cannot wait for the next installment!


Well that escalated quickly, a little too quickly in my humble opinion. I wanted to know who the hell is this mistress and why is she cool with having sex with a married woman? I get why Kenna would want to have sex with Scarlit, her bedroom skills were undeniable. Another positive note was the conversation, albeit short, was fascinating. I could tell that these two actors 'in real life' really wanted to make love with each other.


WOW. If there's a Chemistry meter for co-stars it's just gone right off the scale. THAT was pure frenzied lust. Helps to explain why Kenna's character would be unfaithful to Scarlett Sage's character. Will be interesting to see the development of the Kenna/Scarlett dynamic; if it's a more placid, loving relationship as opposed to the lustful Kenna/Scarlit one. Anyway, Scarlit is amazing, and I hope we see much more of her. As for Kenna, she is an absolute Queen; Long may she reign!!

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