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After the Eulogy

Runtime: 41:31 | Added: 11/02/2018 | Featuring: India Summer, Zoe Bloom

Categories: Facesitting, MILF, Older/Younger, Taboo, Tribadism

Video Description:

‚ÄčSynopsis: India Summer's rebellious step-daughter, Zoe Bloom, moved out of Nebraska as soon as she turned 18. Zoe was so naughty, she stole, lied, and was almost asked to leave the home before she decided to remove herself. It's been almost a year and a terrible tragedy took place, India is now without her husband, and Zoe moves back to go to the funeral and make amends with her stepmother. She's realized the error of her ways and she wants to be a good girl, honestly, but being good is so hard when you have a stepmother that's so hot.

India bites her lip, "Honey.. if you need a place to stay, for a week or two, you can stay here."
Zoe throws her arms around India, "Thank you! YES! thank you!"
India pulls away, "this is a temporary arrangement, Zoe, do you understand?"
Zoe, looks at India empathetically, "Yes, I'm so grateful. I'm not going to be a freeloader. I'm going to make your life as easy as possible. I'm going to clean. I'm going to cook. I see you need the yard raked, I can do that, and do the laundry.
"No.. please don't touch my clothes, Zoe."
Zoe nods agreeably, "and I promise not to steal your clothes anymore. OR your silverware, or money out of your purse.. I won't take anything. I want to give back, repay you for your generosity. I'm going to get my old job back and I'll pay rent, whatever you think is appropriate."
India scrunches her brow, "you're going to help with the mortgage?"
"Yes, That is what I'm trying to tell you. I can and WILL do it. I realize that I may not have been a good person when I lived with you and mydad. I only cared about myself, and that behavior made me do some things that I deeply regret. When I moved to New York I found friends to stay with, and life was hard.. I wrote all about this in an email to him before he passed. Did you read it?
India shakes her head no suspiciously.
Zoe shakes her head saddened, "Well that's disappointing, but I get why he would be suspicious of me. I get it. When I moved to New York I moved in with a group of girls that were just like me. I saw how our shallow our friendships were, we were only kind to each other when one of us wanted something. I started to realize how betrayed you and dad felt; it was like I was standing in your shoes. I was always worried about one of the girls taking advantage of me, stealing from me, and life overall was so uncertain and unhappy. I hate myself for what I did, I can't take it back, but I can make it up to you. Please give me the opportunity to do good."
India listens curiously.
"I'm not trying to tell you that I 'am' good yet because I'm not.. but I'm trying. You can teach me to be a good person. I want to be like you."



When India Summers is a very good actress. Her motherly beauty really makes these lesbian scenes worth watching. The lesbian sex and the taboo mother and daughter sex on this site is outstanding in most of the videos. I rate this site well above Girlfriends Films and Filly films. Only Sweetheart Video can give this site a run for its money. If you want to see great lesbian sex, Allherluv is the place to go.


Wow best scene on this site 9/10 The camera work was amazing, the flashbacks where genius, script was perfect, acting was perfect. Only constructive changes I would have suggested was removing the argument segment and adding more foot fetish, there was a perfect opportunity in the 3rd act when she was flash backing to the knee injury and favoring her knee this was a perfect opportunity for India to move down to her feet when she was holding her leg up. Or at the beginning when Zoe was complaining about her feet being sore. Other then that I wouldnt change a thing. Big thank you. This scene is worth the membership price alone.


Dear Allherluv - We are avid fans. We love stories that have a good ending - and this one did. Clearly, India and Zoey see a future. As for the sex, for us, the most erotic moment was when India straddled Zoey's face. Facesitting between two women is one of the most sensual and intimate acts, and we want to see more of it. Also, it was filmed just right - with the camera spending at least 30-40 seconds close up of Zoey licking Indian, before going wide angle to show all of India straddling Zoey. We thank you for not jumping the camera around. Too often editors like to jump around by showing 5 seconds of close up, then 5 seconds of faces, and then 5 seconds of breasts, etc. - and that only makes us seasick. The way this was filmed & edited, whenever there was a camera view or angle we liked, you gave us enough time for us to enjoy it before changing angles. Finally, we would like to add that we absolutely loved the last scene with Kristen and Scarlet on the couch, where Kristen pulls down her g-string panties and sits on Scarlet's face. Facesitting, when done properly, is the most intimate of kissing - and women who love women (like we do) know that french-kissing your lover's pussy as it rubs all over your face is simply one of the most incredible experiences of sensual love. Thank you ALlherluv, C.C. and Dee


This is REALLY beautiful, very moving. Zoe and India are both incredible. It moves slowly and quietly and we feel the emotions as they enter the scenes raw with loss and find each other. It's really tender.


this is another perfect 10...both scenes with theses perfectly cast ladies are crazy good...just really good acting and incredible sex especially hot with Indias leggs spread wide and zoes innocent eyes looking up at her "does that feel good"? great camera work !

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