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The Path To Forgiveness pt. 3

Runtime: 44:07 | Added: 10/31/2019 | Featuring: Alex Coal, Cadence Lux, Daisy Taylor, Kenzie Reeves, Scarlett Sage, Serena Blair

Categories: Dude Alert, Homewrecker, Religious, Romance, Tribadism

Video Description:

Claire (Kenzie Reeves) storms out of Mother Sarah's (Joanna Angel) office.  She's filled with conflicting feelings of shame and lust.  Claire sees her friend, Christina (Scarlett Sage) and Christina gives her encouraging words.  It seems as if all the women in the facility are going along with the program in the hopes of being released before they're 21 years old.  Claire asks Christina to tell her how she came to the facility and Christina shares her story. 
Christina was in love with her best friend, Abigail (Alex Coal), and the two shared a hidden romance.  Christina was recently married to a man and while Abigail tries to evade her friend and the feelings she shared for her, her heart couldn't turn from her.  Abigail and Christina tearfully confessed their love for each other and passionately kissed.  The two women made love as if it was the last time they could when Christina's husband walked in.  Her husband admitted her to the facility and she yearns to be free. 
Watch the story unfold..



Was at 100% what happened?


I subscribed to AllHerLuv literally just for this scene! It's the most loving, passionate scene I've witnessed between two girls. Of course, now I'm happy to explore more of what the site has to offer but consider this subscription based entirely on the merits of Scarlett Sage and Alex Coal and the direction/writing of this scene. Please WhitneyWright make more like this with such passionate love and actual dialogue in the middle of the lovemaking. I know that might be hard for the performers to remember lines in the middle of sex but when they talk to each other it increases the realism and intensity tenfold!


I think the run time on this installment was somewhere around 45 minutes, but I'm pretty sure I tripled that from replaying so many parts so many times. The chemistry between Sage and Coal is off the charts and Whitney Wright's dialogue and cinematography not only captured that fiery, romantic sweetness, but elevated it into atomic, candy red, passionate exchanges that actually stunned me. That whole "I'm happy with you," exchange almost knocked me out. If you can get someone to look at you the way Sage looks at Coal and really mean it? Do not screw that up. That's Bogie and Bacall level desire and devotion. Well done. This reminded me I still have a heart capable of being melted. That's probably not cool to say out loud. Too late.


Wow! Absolutely awesome scene and series in general! I definitely want to see more of Alex she's gorgeous! Scarlett is, as usual, fantastic as well! The chemistry, the passion, the romance, the sex all of was amazing!!! The camera work is also top tier! Way to Whitney! All time favorite performer became an all time favorite director!


another reat job whitney love your work


Really enjoying this feature ... like a season on Netflix, only a lot hotter! Thanks for all the creativity and labor writing, producing, directing, acting, and adding all the touches that make these episodes polished and erotic. I agree with the other posters that the build-up and intimate little touches really add to the overall quality.


Wow, loved this chapter of the story so much. This entire series is utterly fantastic! The writing, camera work and chemistry between the ladies is amazing. Hope there are like 20 parts to this lol. Loved the debut of Alex and hope to see more of her as she is gorgeous. My only nitpick is I wish the gals kept their heels on. They are so beautiful in them!


hankie66- Wow! Thank you so much! This was my first time shooting Alex, she was amazing! Scarlett was wonderful as always. :)


I've seen thousands of lesbian scenes this may be the best.The chemistry eye contact,the little romantic head kisses the little whispers and of course the sex WOW!!! Scarlett is the best all girl performer going Alex is fantastic at gg and has the best feet in the biz wish she was only gg nitpick and Whitney's work behind the camera and writing is amazing If this is not lesbian scene of the year there will be riots in the streets!!!!!


Thank you everyone! I loved making this, and all these ladies are extremely talented. And ferris82- Yes! :)


Wonderful, really love the romantic build-up and the passionate love-making. Scarlett was specially great, but then again, she always is.


That's more like it! Scarlett is a national treasure. Great emotional buildup and chemistry between Scarlett and Alex Coal.


interesting chapter with Daisy and Cadence at the end....will we see them hook up ? would make for a ALLHERLUV first

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