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Twister pt. 2

Runtime: 36:05 | Added: 06/26/2020 | Featuring: Kenna James, Mona Wales

Categories: College, Facesitting, Homewrecker, MILF, Older/Younger, Romance, Taboo, Tribadism

Video Description:

In the previous act, Brianne and Kenna made love in the closet, and after the Tornado had passed, they were spent.  The girls were nude in each others' arms just as their stepmother came home.  Mona opened the closet door, and caught them! 

The following morning Brianne left the home to visit her cousins and Kenna stayed home to talk to Mona.  Kenna has a mad crush on her stepmother, and just last week she kissed her!  Kenna feels so deeply about Mona, she thinks she's fallen in love with her.  She worries that Mona will be angry that Kenna was with another woman, and especially angry that the woman was Brianne.  Mona tries to be calm and composed.  Mona explains that she no longer wants to cheat on Kenna's father.  Mona feels terrible about her actions and it makes her question her own character.  Kenna tries to soothe Mona.  "Leave him, please.. please him and be with me," Kenna begs.  Watch the story unfold..



More Kenna! Always more Kenna! She's amazing


Great scene. This leads to suggest another scene idea that could feature Mona Wales and Kenna James. It's based on the premise of 'what I would tell my younger self'. Or this case, I would have sex with my younger self. Mona, now an older and wiser lesbian, wishes she would have more comfortable with her sexualty when she was younger. Obviously, she would have had far more sex if she would have started earlier in life. So, Mona goes back (by some means) to meet her younger self and convince her that she's a lesbian and she's better off being one. And they have hot, hot sex with each other. Kind of makes the whole selfcest thing work, huh?


Kenna and Mona Wales are FANTASTIC together! Truly a classic scene! Epic moment, lovely pair! bring them together again and again! THANK YOU!


More Mona Pleeeassseee!!! This MILF so hot.


Wow!! That was simply sensational! The sexual tension in the build up was could really feel the chemistry between them. Kudos to both Kenna's and Mona's acting skills....superb! Coupled with a great story line, and set in a beautiful location made this, for me, one of the best scenes I've seen anywhere for a good while. I really didn't want it to end. Loved the sound of birdsong in the background as well. For me, the tribbing was the icing on the cake...that sound of wet pussy on wet pussy....urrgh! Gorgeous!! This is a keeper...thank you to all involved!


Again loved it, maybe as the romantic woman I am looking forward to part 3 The wedding night, they are such a sweet couple, please send me their wedding gift list. Xoxox Barbra, Netherlands


Hah! You are so much fun, Barbra!


This is a classic MISSAX shoot which no one else can has everything taboo..seduction...regret..and best of all reluctance before finally giving in...both girls so perfect... Mona looked incredible on the bed and i thought that is where Kenna would make up with her and seduce her but i love how the story unfolded with a great i luv Wisconsin


Hellloooo Wisconsin! :) The LA actors always have a fun time with all of the things to do after work here. I'm glad you liked the process of the story, of course, the talent is all Mona and Kenna!


Cyclone Kenna ... leaving a trail of desire in her wake ... first the daughter, and then the mother; you naughty, naughty girl. Seriously it was almost funny watching Mona trying to resist the attraction of this alluring creature; no, I can’t, no, no ... oh hell, yes. Salute to you for another great scene, and great pairing. Finally, from this little set, I do hope you pair Brianne and Kenna up again; they have great chemistry together. (P.S ... Totally off topic, how about in the future a pairing of Kenna and Casey Calvert? Possible??)


Oh? You want more Brianne and Kenna? I can do that. They made a great product together, and they became fast friends. I also love working with Casey Calvert, thank you for the suggestion.


Loved the grinding. Loved Mona Wales. Loved the scene.


Thanks. I wonder if this might be our best tribbing yet? Very sexy!

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