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Moving On pt. 2

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37:28 | Added: 04/23/2022 | Featuring: Alex Coal, Charly Summer

Categories: Romance, Tribadism

Video Description:

Alex (Coal) paces around in front of her patio doors, when her phone rings. "Hello. Hello", she answers, adding "That's weird", and puts the phone down, saying: "Okay" and resuming pacing. She picks up the phone again and says: "Michael. Michael, is that you? Look, if this is you, I told you we are done! Okay, you need to stop bothering me. Let me go!", and she hangs up. Hearing a loud noise, she runs away.

Later, Alex arrives home and greets a young woman sitting at her kitchen counter. "Hi Charly", Alex says, and they shake hands. "You look young", Alex remarks. Charly (Summer) responds: "I get that a lot. That's not going to be a problem, is it?". "You're old enough", Alex replies. "My agent should have sent over all my docs, but yes, I'm 22", Charly announces. "Um, have you acted before?", Alex asks. "I was in a local commercial as a kid", Charly says. Alex smiles, saying: "Good enough. Do you know anything about the project?".

"Yes. I actually requested this meeting. I read your script and feel I have to play this character", Charly asserts. "This story is very special to me. I know that it's a little silly to say, it's just a horror movie, but...", Alex begins, and Charly interrupts: "It's not silly. It really touched me. I think you're really able to capture the loneliness and paranoia of going through that experience". "That means a lot", Alex says, fondling Charly's knee.

Charly puts her hand on Alex's and says: "It's hard to talk about. I had a stalker for a long time. It's something you never really get over". "That's true. Mine was my ex. I really thought he was going to kill me. Would you like to do a scene?", Alex asks. "What happened to him?", Charly inquires. "I broke up with him. I let him know I wasn't interested in guys", Alex replies. "Where is he now?", Charly asks. "He can't hurt me anymore", Alex answers.

"Oh, I'm sorry", Charly says. "That's okay, I think I'm going to need to get used to talking about it, you know", Alex says. Charly nods Yes and asks: "What scene would you like to do?". "Why don't you pick?", Alex counters. "The scene at the bar?", Charly suggests. "Perfect. I'll be Alice", Alex declares. The women pick up their scripts and begin role-playing. Alex (as Alice) says: "What a terrible week". "Uh, hum", Charly mumbles. Alex leans over to her and says: "Ground control to Major Tom. Are you there?".

"Um, yeah. It's just -is that Bob?", Charly responds, turning to look behind her. "Should we go say 'Hi'?", Alex asks. "No, can we just go, please?", Charly asks, suddenly grabbing Alex's hand. "You're hurting me", Alex reacts. "Oh, sorry. I got carried away", Charly says, releasing Alex's hand. "It's okay. Are you okay?", Alex asks. "Yeah", Charly responds. "Hey, this is a safe space. Part of this whole process is I'm not going to let you retraumatize yourself. If this is too much, can I give you a hug?", Alex asks. Charly nods Yes, and Alex gets up, hugging Charly.

"If this is too much for you, it's okay", Alex comforts her. "No, no! I can do it", Charly insists. "Okay, but we have to help each other, okay?", Alex reassures her. "So I got the part?", Charly asks. Alex smiles, and Charly is thrilled, hugging Alex in earnest. "We're going to have to be open and honest with each other, okay?", Alex says. "Of course. I really believe in your project and your art", Charly asserts. "Well, that got intense", Alex smiles. "A little", Charly concedes.

"Well, I really feel like you understand that you get what I'm trying to say with this project", Alex emphasizes. "It just felt like a whole world I was stepping into", Charly notes. "That really touches me. You know this might sound crazy, but after meeting you, I think I might have to make some changes to the script", Alex maintains. "Really? What do you mean?", Charly asks. "Well, just watching you perform that scene, it lit a fire", Alex says. "Really?". "Yeah, maybe you're my muse", Alex relates.

"I've never been anyone's muse before. Do I have to do anything?", Charly wonders. "No, just be yourself. And maybe do some read-throughs. I really think you get what I'm trying to do", Alex says. "No one has ever trusted me before, and we just met. Are you sure?", Charly asks. "I was sure the moment I walked in the door", Alex says. Charly leans over and kisses her. "Sorry, I...are we alone?", Charly asks as Alex looks around. "Oh yeah. I'm sorry. I guess that after everything that's happened I'm still paranoid", Alex admits, still looking around the kitchen.

"I feel like somebody is watching", Alex says. "Is it okay that I...", Charly says. "Yes, it's beautiful", Alex replies as Charly kisses her again. Alex walks away and turns to face Charly, saying: "Does this scare you?". Charly shakes her head, and says "No". Alex locks the door and returns, kissing Charly repeatedly. "I feel so safe with you", Alex says. "Me too", Charly agrees. "My muse", Alex murmurs. They kiss and Charly whispers: "I'll never hurt you". "I'll never let anything bad happen to you, either", Alex assures her. Sitting at the kitchen counter they kiss and caress, and start to undress each other. Watch the romantic scene unfold...

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